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  • Wiki Page: [Weapon Guide] M16A4 vs. FAMAS

    Hi this is DEATH-REBEL95 on PSN add me if u want I am going to be starting a series of gun comparisons and other MW2 tips. If you have any suggestions just comment and I will try to compare them I can compare almost any guns except LMG's (don't like them) but if that your thing I can tell u which...
  • Wiki Page: AK-47s and YOU

    The AK-47 is such an iconic and legendary piece of weaponry. It has a huge history behind it, and it has become the world's most prolific and effective combat weapon. History The AK-47, or the 'Avtomat Kalashnikova model 1947', is a creation of a man named Mikhail Kalashnikov. After serving...
  • Wiki Page: [Multiplayer Tips] Sniping

    Snipers. No group is more feared and hated on the battlefield than snipers. An effective sniper can be the difference between victory and defeat in a match. While this guide will focus on Modern Warfare 2 the tactics and techniques can be applied to almost any game. You will learn that the sniper is...
  • Wiki Page: Guide to the Two Birds One Stone Achievement ( Do-Able SOLO)

    First of all, evening, I'm Knight, and I will be instructing this guide. The first thing you want to do is get to the mission Acceptable Losses. On this mission, grab the M14EBR. \ And on this mission there are multiple chances to grab this achievement. Go through the alley on the left of your spawn...
  • Wiki Page: Iconic's Tips to Beating the Armor Piercing Spec-Op... On Veteran!

    This is a guide for people who would rather get the general idea of how to handle this mission and pick up the controller 5 minutes from now and get it done, rather than read through a whole novel of what to do. Ok, let's get started here. This guide is for two players, so first off you'll wanna...
  • Wiki Page: Easy Way To Clear HIGH EXPLOSIVE On Veteran

    I've read a couple of the guides on how to beat what is arguably the most difficult spec ops mission in the game. High Explosive is the second spec ops mission in the Echo set, where you have to take down 10 juggernauts using only explosive-based weapons (just to clarify). Don't bother with the...
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