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  • Wiki Page: Guide to the Two Birds One Stone Achievement ( Do-Able SOLO)

    First of all, evening, I'm Knight, and I will be instructing this guide. The first thing you want to do is get to the mission Acceptable Losses. On this mission, grab the M14EBR. \ And on this mission there are multiple chances to grab this achievement. Go through the alley on the left of your spawn...
  • Wiki Page: [Weapon Guide] Assault Rifles

    You have a wide selection of assault rifles, you have semi autos, 3 round burst, or fully auto. Semi-Automatic The only semi-auto gun is the FAL, it is a solid gun with (of course) excellent accuracy, and good power. It is a good gun for picking people off long range, the problems start when you run...
  • Wiki Page: [Weapon Guide] M16A4 vs. FAMAS

    Hi this is DEATH-REBEL95 on PSN add me if u want I am going to be starting a series of gun comparisons and other MW2 tips. If you have any suggestions just comment and I will try to compare them I can compare almost any guns except LMG's (don't like them) but if that your thing I can tell u which...
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