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  • Wiki Page: What to do to maintain a 2.0 kill to death ratio or higher.

    Hey Guys! This is a short, sweet, and simple guide intended to help you achieve and maintain a high kill to death ratio in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. While its true that a portion of this guide will be dedicated to camping (those of you who are of the group of people who end up yelling"F*&...
  • Wiki Page: Modern Warfare 2 Online guide: weapons, perks(and thier pro addition), and TeamDeathMatch and Search and Destroy tips

    Let start this off saying hello, I hope you find this at least half decent. (keep in mind part one is all primary Weapons, and there will be no sniping, that is an entirely different guide) PART 1: primary weapons Well all i want is some god *** points yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh There are 2 main types of...

    In the highrise map there are several spots for people who love to camp. When you start off there is a building with a tank on top when you go onto the top of the building there is a yellow looking board jump on it and then jump onto the next one that is right in front of you. Go up or down on the ramp...
  • Wiki Page: Multiplayer Weapons you need to use

    I think some of the best layouts are: ACR with Scavenger Pro/Bling Stopping Power/Hardline/Cold Blooded Ninja/Steady Aim/Commando The best assault Rifles are: M4AI, ACR, SCAR, M16 SMG's: MP5K, P90, UMP 45 LMG's: RPD, AUG, MG4, M240 Sniper's: Intervention, Barret .50 cal, WA2000 Secondary...
  • Wiki Page: My favorite multiplayer class loadout

    Alright so this in my opinion is the best class in multipllayer Ok to start off you have to have the AK-47, this is a great, if not a little overpowered, in pretty much all maps So the AK with semtex, silencer/thermal/fmj, whichever one fits your play style I like the silencer personally, & with...
  • Wiki Page: Spec-Ops Veteran: Echo Juggernauts

    The Echo juggernaut missions may be the hardest Spec-Ops missions in the game, but with some little tricks they can become quite easy. I. High Explosive: In this mission, you only have your handy knife and explosive to kill 10 Juggernauts. Sounds easy right? clearly and RPGs to the face will kill one...
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