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  • Wiki Page: Easy Way To Clear HIGH EXPLOSIVE On Veteran

    I've read a couple of the guides on how to beat what is arguably the most difficult spec ops mission in the game. High Explosive is the second spec ops mission in the Echo set, where you have to take down 10 juggernauts using only explosive-based weapons (just to clarify). Don't bother with the...
  • Wiki Page: [Achievement/Trophy] Star 69

    Well since I beat and got every achievement within 2 or 3 days I'm offering my help to anyone who wants that 90g and any other help I can offer... 360 Gamertag - skatakyle I'm on everyday from 12 to 8 or 9 central time zone. Message me ahead of time so I know who you are...
  • Wiki Page: Guide to the Two Birds One Stone Achievement ( Do-Able SOLO)

    First of all, evening, I'm Knight, and I will be instructing this guide. The first thing you want to do is get to the mission Acceptable Losses. On this mission, grab the M14EBR. \ And on this mission there are multiple chances to grab this achievement. Go through the alley on the left of your spawn...
  • Wiki Page: Iconic's Tips to Beating the Armor Piercing Spec-Op... On Veteran!

    This is a guide for people who would rather get the general idea of how to handle this mission and pick up the controller 5 minutes from now and get it done, rather than read through a whole novel of what to do. Ok, let's get started here. This guide is for two players, so first off you'll wanna...
  • Wiki Page: Multiplayer Weapons you need to use

    I think some of the best layouts are: ACR with Scavenger Pro/Bling Stopping Power/Hardline/Cold Blooded Ninja/Steady Aim/Commando The best assault Rifles are: M4AI, ACR, SCAR, M16 SMG's: MP5K, P90, UMP 45 LMG's: RPD, AUG, MG4, M240 Sniper's: Intervention, Barret .50 cal, WA2000 Secondary...
  • Wiki Page: Spec-Ops Veteran: Echo Juggernauts

    The Echo juggernaut missions may be the hardest Spec-Ops missions in the game, but with some little tricks they can become quite easy. I. High Explosive: In this mission, you only have your handy knife and explosive to kill 10 Juggernauts. Sounds easy right? clearly and RPGs to the face will kill one...
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