Trying to get a nuke is a hard thing to do on MW2. But some things make it nearly impossible when you confront certain enemies. So there are the Deathstreaks. You have a choice between Copy Cat, Painkiller, Martydom, and Final Stand. So I was playing on Rundown and I confront an enemy. I start shooting at him with my ACR, and I notice that he has Painkiller. Turns out, I started shooting him before he did, I used more than half of my clip,and I hit him with every bullet. Then he just turned around and killed me quickly and almost effortlessly. Painkiller makes the person almost invincible. That's bs when you're trying to get a killstreak because most likely you'll die when you encounter someone with painkiller. Also, headshots, C4's, and even RPG's don't even kill that enemy with Painkiller. I think that Painkiller should be a less of a health boost; the health boost is just immense.

Also, I found out  that one thing that is impossible to get in split screen is the challenge ,"Tango Down" is impossible to achieve on split screen because you have to have kill an enemy team of at least 4, which is impossible because when you're playing there are only three other people to kill. 

Another thing that might be unnecessary in the game is Semtex.  Yes, Semtex.  I mean, it's an anti-vehicle weapon device, not anti-personnel.  I don't like the fact that Semtex is better in every way compared to Frag grenades.  Semtex has a much larger blast radius than the Frag, therefore it will kill more.

If anyone thought of stuff that shouldn't be MW2 or stuff that is impossible to get, post it as a comment.

The best way to deal with Painkiller is to make it 5 seconds, and you have to have 4 deaths in a row.

Also, I think the SCAR-H should be removed, yes it only has 60 total bullets, but it doesn't matter when it has no recoil and it kills you in 1 bullet in the chest WITHOUT stopping power. in addition with scavenger it makes ammo problems obsolete.

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