The Echo juggernaut missions may be the hardest Spec-Ops missions in the game, but with some little tricks they can become quite easy.


I. High Explosive:

In this mission, you only have your handy knife and explosive to kill 10 Juggernauts. Sounds easy right? clearly and RPGs to the face will kill one....more like 10.

Well, there is an easy way to beat this, but you need two players.

As soon as you start the mission, run to the right. You will see a really small house (tiny) with a desk inside and a tire on top of the desk. Make one of the players stand behind the desk while the other stands in the door. When a juggernaut gets close, just knife him, and when you get down, just get revived from behind the desk. That way, the juggernauts can't go inside (since you are blocking the door) and you can just get revived every time you go down. This may take a long time tho, and it can get pretty boring for the guy behind the desk.


II. Armor Piercing:

This is far easier than High Explosive, but still pretty challenging. The easiest way to do this is just grab the .50 cal and snipe the juggernauts as they are coming to you, they usually take 6 shots until they are down. If you have a partner, then it gets easier. Give that partner a shotgun/rocket launcher and the thermal vision Intevention (so he can spot where they are) and then make him the bait. As they start coming in from every side just run back to where you think you can sniper the best without getting shot, and shoot them. You won't fight more than 2 at the same time.


Well, here you go, two pretty easy ways to beat those levels. if you have any suggestions that i should add to the guide, send me a message.


Thanks for reading.