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Sniping Help...

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Sniping Help...

This Is mainly to help you with the perks weapons and tactics of sniping. (Hard-scoping)

Most of you know this, this is just to help noobies. The first part of building this class Is perks...

First perk you wanna' have Is Sleight of Hand: this is for not only faster reloads,  If you it pro then you can aim down the sight much faster then the other sniper can.


Second perk should be Stopping Power: this is for 1 hit kills, but If you aim from the hips down It is only a hit marker.


Last but not least, perk #3 should be Steady Aim: first you should get this pro by putting It in a assault class and get the hip fire kills till It is pro. Reason being when It is pro It has longer hold breath for sniping.



Primary: 2 choices: Barret 50 cal., It has semi auto but It is not as accurate. And number 2 Is Intervention, most pros go with this because It takes skill to use It and It has high accuracy.

Secondary: Anything you want really, I usually choose akimbo Model 1887 akimbo if I'm gonna run around.

Equipment: Throwing Knife.

Special grenade: The flashbang, It has a faster throwing sequence.

So your tactics are simple, find a good sniping spot. If you are found kill them and run around finding another spot with your akimbo weapons. (Sniper If you can quick scope). And that Is about It.

Hope this helps some of you out. ^.^






Or, if you really wanna be pro use Sleight of Hand Pro, Cold Blooded Pro, and Ninja Pro. Then you have to aim for the head. Takes far more skill. Of course we all know Modern Warfare 2 was designed to take no skill so that noobs can be just as good as the pros.