Listen, I know this isn't a Modern Warfare 2 guide but I just wanted to post this somewhere, and this doesn't belong to one specific game anyway.

I don't know if you guys will like it or consider it useful but I DID write all of this. No copy-paste here at all.

NBA 2k6
One of the easiest games to get 1000 on. I'll list the achievements here and explain something that might be a little complicated for non basketball fans.

150 GS
Score 50 points with any player.
Easy achievement if you adjust sliders.

200 GS
Score 140 points with any team.
Easy. Sliders.

150 GS
Score 15 3 pointers.
Again, sliders.

250 GS
Get 20 rebounds with any player.
If you adjust sliders for rebounds, just press Y next to the hoop after the other team shoots. Almost 100 percent rebound rate.

250 GS
Get a triple double.
Ok, this is for you non basketball players. A triple double means getting double digits in all of the following (one player): points, assists, and blocks (or rebounds).

King Kong
Very easy 1000 points. Turn on godlike and beat the game.

To enter "cheat mode", simply do the following:
Hold LT + RT + LB + RB and press Down, Up, Y, X, Down(2), Y(2) at the main menu. Release LT + RT + LB + RB
Godmode: 8wonder

Avatar: The Last Airbender
This is the easiest 1000 points ever. First level, go near the bottom left and just spam B. Easy.


Just like any sports game, adjust the sliders so that the AI can get completely dominated. By the way, the words in parentheses mean difficulties. It might seem hard to do all star but sliders make it so that it's basically the easiest anyway. Have fun with this easy 1000 pointer.

50 GS
Score on a Breakaway (amateur)
A breakaway is when there are no defenders for the other team and it is just a face off between you and the goalie. But we're gonna exploit this a bit. Get 2 controllers and start a quick match, also be sure the sliders are adjusted. Then when you get the puck, go all the way up near the net and right as your about to shoot, get the second controller and press start to "pull goalie". The net now counts as the goalie. Easy 50 points.

150 GS
Score goal with defenseman (pro)
Just like all the other achievements, this is a piece of cake. Get one of your two defenders and score a goal with them.

200 GS
Score goal when two men down (pro)
Simply put two of your men in the penalty box and score. How? Easy, fouls.

250 GS
Score on penalty shot (all star)
This one can be tricky, but it CAN be done in about two tries. Okay, first of all adjust the sliders so that the penalty rate is high. Then you wanna go near the net and hold the button for the shot. They might not always foul you but after a few tries it should work. After that just simply score a goal.

350 GS
Score in under 1:00 (all star)
Hahaha. This is a joke. 1:00 is enough to get 3 or more goals if you adjust sliders.

Madden NFL 06
Sliders sliders sliders everybody.

10 GS
Enter History book
Go to franchise, click on history book.

10 GS
Acivate RS card
Push down on the right stick in the schedule (franchise mode).

30 GS
Score a touchdown
Easy, the AI won't be able to touch you in any football game if you adjust sliders.

20 GS
Get a first down
Run 10 yards for 20 GS.

30 GS
Complete an offline game
I just put each quarter to 5:00 just to get all the achievements in one game, BUT the fastest way to just get this one achievement is to put every quarter to only 1:00. 30 GS in 5 minutes.

100 GS
Four sacks in one game
This sounds hard but if you put all the sliders to the left you will notice they don't call fouls. All you have to do now is get one of your defenseman while the AI is about to start a play and then set him up right in front of the quarter back. Right as the play starts hit X to send him flying.

100 GS
Win a Franchise game
Win a franchise game! :P

100 GS
Rush for 200 yards
Just get a knee right by your end of the field and get your RB/FB to run all the way to the other side and score a touchdown. Do this twice and the 100 GS points are yours.

100 GS
Pass for 350 yards
Just call the Hail Mary play and throw the whole length of the field. Do this about 4 times.

100 GS
Win the Super Bowl
Just simulate your way to the super bowl and play the game if you want it the safe way or risk it all by simulating that game.

400 GS
Complete 30 years of Franchise
Simulate 30 years. Takes a while but it's worth it.

Fight Night Round 3

Very good game for some very good points
8 fights for 1000 GS. Good deal to me.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted
Beat the game. 1000 points.
NOTE: If you are not good at racing games then this might take a while. Still easy though.

CSI: Hard Evidence
5 achievements for 200G each. Just another easy beat-the-game 1000 pointer.

NBA Street: Homecourt
You may not get the full 1000 but getting at least 800-900 is very easy.

Freaked 40
Reach Level 5 In Homecourt Challenge Mode
For all the HomeCourt Challenge achievements, just beat Homecourt Challenge

Named 50
Reach Level 10 In Homecourt Challenge Mode
For all the HomeCourt Challenge achievements, just beat Homecourt Challenge

Ash Park Champ 50
Complete The Ash Park Tournament In Homecourt Challenge Mode.
For all the HomeCourt Challenge achievements, just beat Homecourt Challenge

Online Showdown 30
Play 10 Games Online
You can do this legit or unlegit, see King of the Court.

Dialing Long Distance 50
Complete 7 Successful Long Distance Shots In A Single Game
The minimum of scoring MUST be 14. Anything lower and you cannot do it. If you need help just choose Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant and Rip Hamilton to play against Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant and Rip Hamilton. And play a pick up game to at least 14.

Dunkalicious 50
Perform 5 Successful Jump-Off Dunks In A Single Game
Press the down on the directional pad to get your teammate down on his knees, then go behind him and hit B to dunk.

Doubling Up 50
Perform 3 Successful Double Dunks In A Single Game
To do a double dunk, hold B next to a hoop and you will see a meter. Fill up the meter and release B at the last second to do a double dunk.

Tricked Out 50
Perform 10 Successful Trick Moves In A Single Game
Easy, this whole game is about tricks so this should be cake.

GB Insanity 50
Perform 4 Gamebreakers In A Single Game
To get a gamebreaker, keep doing tricks until your GB bar is full, then go to the middle and activate it.

Ultimate Finish 50
Win A Game With A Gamebreaker
Save up your GB till the last point and then unleash it and score.

Seeing Double 60
Level Up 2 Different Created Ballers To Level 10
Just create a second Baller after you beat Homecourt challenge and level him up to 10.

Rupert Bell Champ 70
Complete The Rupert Bell Tournament In Homecourt Challenge Mode

King of the Court 70
Win 10 consecutive games in Online
This is the hardest achievement to do, LEGIT. To do it unlegit just ask people on forums.

Mastered 80
Reach Level 15 In Homecourt Challenge Mode
Beat Homecourt Challenge

Cloverdale Champ 100
Complete The Cloverdale Tournament In Homecourt Challenge Mode
Beat Homecourt Challenge

Ultimate Journey 150
Complete The Homecourt Challenge Mode
Beat Homecourt Challenge


This is a very fun game to plow through. Very easy, and if your stuck on a puzzle you can even choose to turn on tips.

Just beating the game will get you around 500-600 points. Since these series of guides are for the easy games, I won't be posting the achievements that actually require work. If you want though, I can post a guide of that sometime later.


It is VERY easy to get all of the achievements in the game. Doesn't seem like it but it's true, although it will take 20+ hours or so to get all of it. Beat the whole game. That's it. By whole game, the main story is not the whole, yes you will have to finish all of the guild's side missions but most of them are fun, especially The Dark Brotherhood. Getting this is going to be a blast.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, AKA TMNT

Beat the game. Clean Sweep might be a little challenging but just replay an early level without getting hit.

Enchanted Arms
For all you tactical RPG lovers, this will be really easy. Beat the game.

Call of Duty 2
Okay this might be a toughie. To get all the 1000 points in this game, you will have to beat the game on veteran. I will list some tips that will definitely help you at doing so.

1) Always stay crouched
A person standing up in the battlefield will get their head blown off. Sacrificing movement speed for cover is necessary.

2) Aim for the head at all times
Get quick kills and finish the job by aiming at the head. This will be easy since you get a lot of auto aim.

3) Use the quick aim feature
This goes hand in hand with the head shot tip. Tap LT to instantly put your crosshair over an enemy, then raise it up a bit and blow their head off.

4) Use smoke grenades people!
This handy little grenade that nobody seems to use will save your life. Many times. Always use this when passing areas that seem suspicious, it's worth hitting LB a few times.

Using all these tips (plus more you will make up on your on as you proceed through the game) will help you survive. It is almost guaranteed that the player will die. Several times in fact, all you have to do is persevere and stick with it to beat the game. It shouldn't take very long at all.

Fusion Frenzy 2
Play online with people, should net you 900+ points in an afternoon.

25 GS
Fuzion Frenzy Rookie
Play 3 mini games, fast 25 points.

25 GS
The First Victory
Win any battle against other live players. You will most likely get this before you get the Fuzion Frenzy Rookie achievement.

Dub Master
See "Jet Master"

Samson Master
See "Jet Master"

Geena Master
See "Jet Master"

Zak Master
See "Jet Master"

Naomi Master
See "Jet Master"

50 GS (all of the "master dubbed" achievement titles)
Jet Master
Win the main battle tournament with x character.

50 GS
Custom Master
This is where it gets different. A little. Just win an offline custom game

100 GS
Tournament Hero
Win an online tournament. Easier than it sounds.

100 GS
Mini-game Frenzy Hero
Win 10 Online battle mini-game frenzies.

100 GS
Custom Hero
Win an online custom game. Very easy, probably the easiest points in this game.

150 GS
Mini-game Collector
Get all the mini games, shouldn't take too long.

150 GS
Fuzion Frenzy Master
Play all the mini games. You will most likely get this achievement with the Mini-Game Collector one. 300 GS at once feels good!