Alright so this in my opinion is the best  class in multipllayer

Ok to start off you have to have the AK-47, this is a great, if not a little overpowered, in pretty much all maps

So the AK with semtex, silencer/thermal/fmj, whichever one fits your play style

I like the silencer personally, & with sleight of hand pro( this is very important cause its easy to waste some ammo getting your aim  right & the pro makes the gun move around even faster, its pretty fast already), stopping power pro( this is pretty straight forward, theecause air support usually  pro cause I like to have stingers as my secondary weapon because air support usually determines the winner of the match), also either steady aim or commando becuase this is first & foremost a run'n'gun class.

Also be aware that you have to be lvl 70 to have the AK

This gun alone might actually keep you from prestiging for just a little bit, I know it is me.