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MW2 Killstreak Rewards

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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MW2 Killstreak Rewards

This is a guide to killstreak rewards for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Enjoy.

3 Kill Streak: UAV (Spy Plane) A small aircraft encircles the map for a short amount of time, revealing enemy locations as red dots on the mini map.  Every few seconds, the UAV does a "refresh" on the map, revealing the enemies location as they are moving. (Can be Shot Down)  Note: The Cold Blooded perk, if used by the enemy, makes them invisible on the radar, unless they fire an un-surpressed weapon.

4 Kill Streak: Care Package  This killstreak allows you to throw down a marker which sets the location of a random killstreak (other than care package and tactical nuke) or ammo crate that can be picked up by anyone.  (Helicopter that carries Care Package can be shot down)

4 Kill Streak: Counter UAV ( Counter Spy Plane )  The same thing as the UAV, except it completely jams enemy radar and radio messages.  (Can be shot down)

5 Kill Streak: Sentry Gun  Allows you to throw down a marker which airdrops a placeable (and destructible) Sentry Gun that shoots anything that isn't friendly.  (The package is dropped down much in the same way as a care package)

5 Kill Streak: Predator Missile Control a missile that fires down from above onto your enemies startled heads.  The map is viewed from top down as you pilot it towards your intended target.  Can shoot down aircraft.

6 Kill Streak: Precision Airstrike  Target a small portion of the map to be bombarded with rockets.  Like it says, PRECISION, so don't just put it anywhere.

7 Kill Streak: Harrier Strike Target a location on the map to be bombed, then guarded by a fierce Harrier aircraft.  Can be shot down.

7 Kill Streak: Attack Helicopter  Shoots anybody in range if not under covered area can be shot down.

8 Kill Streak: Emergency Airdrop  Like a care package gone wild, an EA is basically a Care Package, but with 4 instead of one Package being dropped. 

9 Kill Streak: Pavelow  A highly upgraded version of the attack helicopter.  It is heavily armored and initially fires flares from its belly to cause incoming missiles to be confused and miss the target.  The Pavelow also flies around quite a bit more, so it definitely give you your money's worth,

11 Kill Streak: Chopper Gunner  Be the gunner of an armored helicopter that encircles the map a few times. 

11 Kill Streak: AC -130 Gunship  Pilot a gunship from a very long distance away.  Has three firing modes to ensure enemy is obliterated.  First firing mode is a very powerful missile.  Second is Flak which is less powerful but highly effective when you need multiple shots fired quickly.  Third is a high calibur machinegun which is basically the gun from a Chopper Gunner kill streak.

15 Kill Streak:  EMP  Disables ALL enemy electronics (Heartbeat Sensors, Mini Map, etc...)

25 Kill Streak: Tactical Nuke  End the match with a bang, literally.  Once this killstreak is activated, it's over in ten seconds, kills everyone, including you and your teammates, but ensures victory. *EDITED BY xX-w0lf_r3b0rn-X*: It is possible to disable a Tactical Nuke. All you have to do is call an EMP right before it hits the ground.

Well, hope you found this helpful :)