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[Multiplayer Guide] Sniping

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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[Multiplayer Guide] Sniping

Modern Warfare 2 sniping Guide

Sniper Rifles:

1. Barrett 50. Cal - Good accuracy, High power, Good fire rate- The Defender's choice

This weapon is great for almost all snipers because of the fact that it's semi-automatic. The firepower is almost near that of the intervention (so it's not a problem in hardcore), and if you miss a shot, just pull the trigger a few more times, because the rate of fire is as fast as you can pull the trigger.

2. Intervention - High accuracy, High power, Low fire rate- The Assassins choice

This weapon is very popular because it's a bolt-action rifle-meaning that it's extremely powerful (but slow). So if you're the "master sniper," pick this gun for instant kills on almost every single shot.

3. WA2000 - Good accuracy, Good power, Okay fire rate- The part-time Sniper's choice

Very accurate gun, very fast but is not a one hit kill, even with Stopping Power (except Hardcore). Be careful of its 6 rounds.

4. M21 EBR - Decent accuracy, Amazing power, Fast fire rate- The Mobile Sniper's choice


My recommendations:

  • Shotguns

1.     Spas12-pump action (fire rate)

2.     Ranger- Double Barrel (power)

  • Machine Pistols

1.     PP2000- Full auto

2.     TMP- Full auto, be careful about the TMP it only has 15 rounds and it is terrible unless you have sleight of hand or extended mags

3.     G18 akimbo, even without steady aim the hip is pretty tight and it is an excellent side arm but be careful you run out of ammo really fast

  • Pistols *note: only use akimbo pistols 1 simply does not do enough damage against a world of fully autos, however you switch you pistols in half a second MP's are 2 seconds and shotguns are 2 seconds. So there is a good advantage in pistols. But if you use a pistols always use akimbo and with akimbo always use steady aim

1.     USP.45 akimbo

2.     M9 akimbo

3.     my ultimate recommendation for all sidearms is the magnum akimbo


Note: I'm not listing launchers, because a Sniper doesn't need a launcher and shouldn't use one. Waste of space.


Claymores hand down. Maybe just maybe if you are a very mobile, run n' gun as a sniper sniper with Semtex. But yeah pretty much only use claymores they are your best friend.


1.     Bling, Sleight of Hand is more valuable, it lets you aim down your scope much faster, and you will get a lot more kills because you zoomed in faster

2.     Stopping Power is a must

3.     Any of the third tier perks would work really, but the two best are Ninja and steady aim, I would go for steady aim because you get more no-scopes, also,  since you switch to a pistol faster than shotguns or MP's, I like to use akimbo pistols because it is like a shotgun in power and you switch to it almost immediately, but the hip is very wide without steady aim and you will miss a lot of shots  also the pro ability lets you hold your breath longer


1.     Crouch or go prone with shooting, unless on the run.

2.     Use tall grass and your surroundings for cover.

3.     Go for upper body (Intervention, Barrett 50.cal, bad aiming, WA2000) shots or head shots (EBR, Good aim).

4.     Don't be afraid to take a shot even I you don't think you can make it, a shot never taken is a shot always missed.

5.     Thermal scope is okay but its better with the regular. Pretty much only use thermals if it is a very poor lit/ low visibility level like underpass

6.     NO SILENCERS! you have to get a head shot for it to be a one hit kill

7.     if you are going to start no/quick scoping use steady aim and practice a boat load in a private match

8.     When you take a shot, move if you’re in enemy lines!  You don't have to do this while you are next to to    teammates.

9.     I would recommend the M21 EBR if you’re not a runner add FMJ and a silencer use Bling as well if you like to run after you take the shot go some where no one will think to look

10.   get up somewhere high and lay low