'Snatch and Grab' is definitely one of the hardest Spec ops out their, but good thing I am here to help. This guide can be done by yourself or with a partner. This takes a couple of tries, but works with one to six tries. 

First you start up with a Intervention Sniper and  M4A1 Grenade Launcher/ Red Dot. Switch the sniper for a shotgun. Now you wondering, 'How the heck can I kill a juggernaut without sniper. The trick is you don't. When you pass the wing, stay to the right sprinting along the way. when the DRUM OF DEATH sounds throw a flash bang behind the wall and look away. turn too the see the juggernaut uneasy, then run past in through the tunnel of the plane body. Kill as you, but it is more important to keep moving. When you get to the Intel, lay behind it and start stealing it.


Its actually better to hide in front of the intel. Sometimes guys can backdoor you if you hide behind it.

After taking it, run the hell out of there. When you climb down the hill, you might notice something. There is no one their. Then it is an easy walk in the killer park. Get to the end and get the tree stars. Happy endings are real, and I just showed you how to get one of them.