Once you start the game, run right until you get to the end or the map and then move north down a small path until you reach an ammo crate. To the right of this, you should see a wide open alleyway with a bunch of explosive barrels next to a short flight of stairs. One of you should put all of your claymores at one of the corners in the alleyway, because it will take all of them to kill one. The other person should place all of their C4 at the top of the stairs. when you are at the top of the stairs, in will say to turn back and continue the mission, but you will see a small alleyway to the right of the stairs. Go into the alleyway,and lure a Juggernaut up. The first one should have died from the claymores and the second one from the C4. Now is the time to go stock up on ammo, if you used any but be careful a juggernaut might spawn by the ammo crate. If this is the case, only one person should get ammo, because he will turn and start shooting if the second person gets ammo. Now, both of you just wait in the alley for a juggernaut to come, and when he is walking up the stairs, he will get stuck at the top of the stairs, so you can see his gun. but nothing else. Now, you just shoot the wall next to the juggernaut until it kills him. Repeat for the other Juggernauts. hope this helps!!