Well i'm here today to make a guide for Cristo Redentor O on the Spec-Ops mode for CoD: Modern Warfare 2. So this is for players who will play on Hardened. Well to get started:

Getting Started

Well first go

to the yellow circle 1st. You'll find an AA-12. The red you go to second (keep the TAR-21). Get out the AA-12 w/ Heartbeat because a group of 4 or 5 enemies will cling to the windows. WATCH OUT FOR CIVILIANS!! There is usually a group of civvys in there so don't be to trigger happy. Use the AA-12 in short bursts. Once you clear the street and no enemies are in sight make sure you have full ammo.Stock up on Claymores which are on the chair next to the window of the right side of the house(can be seen in picture). Usually there's a *** who hides in the back window ,A.K.A in the red circle, and is pretty stupid so go and kill him. No need to conserve ammo as next to the shattered white car(which usually has a hoodlum with an AK-47 behind it. Take him out with your TAR-21) as there is an ammo box next to it. But check the location in the blue circle before you pick any ammo up.


I won't dictate what guns you should have, but for this mission it should have:

A. Good clip size.

B.Either is an  Assault Rifle, Shotgun, MP-5k. No pistols.

C. Should not be AA-12. Too automatic, small clip-size, and horrible accuracy. Will only be good for the clearing of the red circle house. Ditch soon afterwards.

D. Good Accuracy.

E. Good Damage.

F. Little recoil.

So these should be the guns you should use:

MP-5k, AK-47, WA-1200, TAR-21, FAMAS.

Note To Self

REMEMBER: After every 10 kills you get a wave of dogs come after to you. Best thing to do is get to red circle house or a house with one door, good viewpoint,no enemies in or around range of fire,large room(s). Red circle house is the best though. Also put down a Claymore before the dogs come. The first should be dead by that. Also since there is a window which looks out on the road in front of the house. When the dogs come you can see the tips of their heads so you shouldn't be taken by surprise. Also beware of a glitch where if you kill a dog ,no matter if it's the last dog in the wave(2-3 dogs in a wave), if it's carcass lands behind the wall in the corner that goes to the window on the right(outside is visible in picture)in the red circle house, the corpse will be resurrected, resulting in another dog. I do not know if there are other glitch spots on the map that result in the same.

My Last Tip

Well guys last thing i can tell you is be vigilant. Look behind your back, check your corners, check the rooftops, take out enemies one pocket at a time and look out for civilians. Well, I'll make some more guides later good-bye for now.