To help some people who haven't beaten Breach and Clear on veteran on the spec ops mission in Modern Warfare 2 here are some tips. When you first start out switch your shotgun for the G18 then switch back to your M4 and breach the wall. Aim down your sights and kill every one running away from you that's directly in your sights wasting your entire magazine then knife the man about to melee you last, when he first hits you or if you are trying to beat IW's best time like I did after you kill the people running just sprint till your out of your slo-mo then switch to your G18 kill all people that are directly in your way go to the next room go to the left of the lockers then throw a flash at the lockers in the next room to bounce off the lockers and stun the riot shielders letting you slip by and run around everyone elase and at the last part make sure you are sprinting directly in front of the lockers or the people will get a quick fix on you and kill you right away. If your flash does nothing to the Riot Shielders and they trap you just jump a few times and you'll be free of their grasp which can be the difference between jumping in the air yelling "I did it!" or throwing your controller on the ground cursing the game. If you can deal with dieing a few times you might beat it and possibly IW's best time. If you want you can also try this strategy on regular to get a feel for it then jump to Veteran and blast through that level.(I beat in 14.85 seconds)