Hey! Welcome to trophy guardian and in this thread we will show you how to get the 'Pit Boss' achievement. This achivement requires you to run "The Pit" in a maximum time of thirty seconds, so lets get started!



Weapons: Use a pistol, there are lots of them that should be laid out for you, just don't use the deagle.

GO! The first time the cut outs pop up there are no civvies so feel free to shoot all of them, just try not to miss.

Second time they pop out there will be a couple, one on the field and 2 others I remember in the  windows.

Third time there are two civvies and the enemys are behind them so watch out!

When you go up the stairs cut the guy and there are 2-3 more civvies and moving enemies so make sure not to accidnently shoot the civvies.

Next jump down and shoot the enemies. But there is one guy that if you wait to long and shoot him, will also shoot a kid that is right behind him so watch out! run to the exit and there you go!