Hello I'm inFAMOUSBillyBob and this is my guide for common strategies and tactics you see people use online. You may have tried sniping, knifing, camping, or even shooting down that harrier but it never worked out the way you wanted it to. This is basiclly a guide for new players or n00bs but I do have some good tips if you want to read them.


Basic 1 on 1 shootouts. Most of the time this will be the case if you try to take the alternate route into the enemy teams "base". I'm always finding myself up against someone else like this, so I know what I'm talking about here.

- If you see them, but they don't see you, always go for the first shot to get the advantage. NEVER TRY AND RUN UP AND KNIFE THEM. If thats what your into skip down to the knifing section or read on.

- If you both take cover after the first couple shots, throw a stun or flash grenade over behind their cover, then quickly get back up and kill them. I prefer stun grenades because they blind the enemy for about 2 seconds (which is all you really need) and they can't exactly shoot you as fast as you can shoot them.

- If you've used all your stuns or flash then resort to your frag grenades or semtex. Once again i prefer semtex because they can stick to the enemy's cover or even stick it to them. Frags can be through back at you unless if you cook it (which can kill you if your not careful) and frags tend to roll which makes it less accurate.

- DO NOT RELOAD AFTER THE FIRST SHOTS. Chances are your opponent is either getting ready to flash or stun you or even semtex or frag you so reloading in a firefight is the worst possible time, especially if your using an LMG which takes a long while to reload. Only reload til after your sure you killed your opponent and move on.


I know not exactly a tactic but I have some tips for this too.

- If you can, use Sleight of Hand as one of your perks. Most people say its useless its not, it can really save you in some situations, especially if you have an LMG.

- If your on the frontlines and enemies are advancing throw a stun or flash to distract them while you reload.

- Overall, best time to reload is when you are not shooting. Take some cover or a find a good camping spot to do it in. DO NOT RELOAD WHILE WALKING OR STANDING OUT IN THE OPEN.


Most people hate it, but again most of those people are hypocrites who do it themselves without realizing it. Its not cheating, its not glitching, its perfectly OK AS LONG AS YOU DON'T ABUSE IT.

- If your going to camp do it stealthy. Don't do something stupid that will give you away to the enemy, just take it slow and whenever you want to strike do so.

- Make sure nobody can see you in your spot too, well, unless your a taunter and you want them to. What I personally do a lot is if I'm near stairs I will jump ontop of the railing at the top of the stairs, and as soon as somebody comes I jump down and knife them. Perfect for taunting, an easy kill, and makes you look pro.

- If you are spotted do not run away, defend yourself. Kill the enemy that spotted you quick and find a different spot to camp in or if your a true pro countinue fighting. You're pretty much screwed though if the person who spotted you has a mic, so keep it stealthy.


My personal favorite way to kill someone is by knifing them with my USP 45. w/ Tactical Knife. I personally hate throwing knifes though, they are just not the way I picture a knife should be used and are very annoying.

- Use a Tactical Knife attachment with a handgun first of all if you have one.

- The best perks to use if you plan on going on a knifing spree are: Marathon, Lightweight, and Commando. If you just want to be better at knifing then stick with Commando.

- If you aren't planning on knifing the whole time you are in match then primarily just use it when enemies are nearby or in close-range. ONCE AGAIN, DO NOT RUN UP TO AN ENEMY TRYING TO KNIFE HIM WHEN HE IS 30 FT AWAY, YOU WILL GET KILLED EASILY.

Akimbo Weapons

I personally don't use any really, but I used to when I first got the game.

- A really, really good strategy for akimbo weapons is to fire one gun, then fire the second gun while the first gun is reloading, and so on.

- If you need to take out a large group of enemies however, fire both at the same time so its like 2 people are shooting instead of 1. Also when you fire both it takes out single enemies faster but when you have to reload them both it takes a while leaving you defenseless.


Its hard to be a good sniper, this art of stealth takes a while to master.

- First all of you need a good sniper rifle, and there isn't a single bad one in the game. I'm just going to list the pros and cons of the snipers and pick the one that suits you best. (Just make sure you have it unlocked)

Intervention: Very good accuracy, very good damage, but the fire rate is absolulty horrible.

Barrett .50cal: Good accuracy, has the most damage, fire rate is so-so.

WA2000: Very good accuracy, good damage, fire rate is fast.

M21EBR: My personal favorite, has good accuracy, damage is minimal, fire rate is extremely good, you can even spam the fire button to shoot like an assault rifle.

- First thing you need is a good sniper spot. In pretty much every level you can snipe. EXAMPLES: Rooftops in Favela, offices in Highrise, top of the oil rig tower in Rust.

- You need good cover too, hide behind any bushes, tall grass, or trees and you blend in. Also use a silencer so that you are not giving your sniping spot away.

- Encounters with other snipers are dangerous, you need to aim fast and blast away at the other sniper, wait to long to aim for the head well you're as good as dead. (Memorize that rhyme it could save your life lol)

- Claymores are a good defense against anybody on the enemy team who is looking for revenge, Tactical Insertions are good if you get killed while sniping, shotguns and handguns w/ tactical knifes are good secondaries, and smoke grenades are extremely helpful if you are using a thermal scope.

Grenade Lauching

Grenade lauching takes skill too, its only when you abuse it that you become a "n00b tuber".

- Aim for large groups of enemies, don't waste your two shots trying to blow up some sniper or somebody camping in the corner of a house.

- Get used to aiming with the grenade launcher too, you need to angle it prefectly to take out long distance targets.

- Grenade Launching just really isn't effective on all maps, try using it in a close-range area and the grenade will just bounce off the wall and you will look like a total n00b.

Taunting and being Pro

One of my favorite things to do, wether I'm following some n00b getting ready to knife him or positioning myself for that perfect headshot, taunting is a hell load of fun and easy if your experienced. Its also very pro taunting in matches where people can spectate like S&D.

Common ways to taunt are:

- Following a person until you decide to knife them.

- Getting a person in last/final stand and either getting them to look at you first and kill them, jump all over them while they try and patheticly shoot you and then knife them, or the most common way, throw a stun or flash grenade to kill them.

- Sticking them with Semtex or blowing up their own Claymore and killing them.

- Find a person camping or sniping, line up your gun/knife perfectly to their head, wait a couple of seconds and shoot, making them look like a total n00b in the killcam.

- Pegging a person with a grenade launcher grenade.

- I made up my own taunt, I call it Ninja, I throw a stun or flash grenade over to the person, and while they duck and take cover I run up right behind them, wait for them to come to, and them knife them in the back.

Using Launchers/Shooting Down Killstreak Rewards

I use the stinger, but all launchers are pretty much the same.

- Wait for the beeping sound before you launch, you have to wait a couple seconds.

- Some killstreak rewards require 1 shot, some require 2. Here they are:

1 shot: UAV, Counter-UAV, Harrier, Attack Helicopter.

2 shots: Pave Low, Chopper Gunner, AC130.

- Yes you can shoot down UAVs and Counter-UAVs EMPs I'm not sure about but if you look hard enough you will find them flying up in the sky.

- BE IN A SECURE LOCATION. Don't shoot down a killstreak in the open, you wouldn't snipe in the open, right?

Well thats all my tips hope we get some better and more challenging players online and have fun taunting too lol