Let's go to the beginging. I very strongly suggest you buy Call of Duty Modern Warfare first before you play the Campaign on Modern Warfare 2. If you are wondering what the freak it's talking about when it says one of the missions may have disturbing content, let me fill you in. I won't tell you what happens in the level but, you act like a bad guy and kill civilians for the greater good. If you have overprotective parents, do not play this mission in front of them because it is extremly violent

I suggest you play the game on hardcore to get the most out of it. In the campaign mission number one, get out your grenade launcher as soon as you start and drop some rounds on em. Don't get discouraged if some gay bazooka man blows your objective up. Once you get in your warthog thingy, you'll get hit by and rpg and as soon as you can rush through the door and get behind cover.  The rest is a piece of cake if you remember three things. #1 get your a** in cover if you don't you'll be playing the same parts over and over. #2 I have trouble with this but, you will make this level and all the missions if you don't reload after every three shots, If you know a guy is behind a door or corner, if you stop to reload you'll pay for it. #3 Be aware, make sure if you do run out of ammo, quickly switch to your pistol and shoot em down. Always keep your knife ready and don't lunge too early.

Some other campaign advice, On the mission were you infiltrate the oil rig, when you get the the thermal/smokescreen fight, make sure you have your scar ready and get one of the machine pistols, watch for flanking and take out the guys in the windows.

 On multiplayer MAKE SURE YOUR CAMO ON YOUR GUN MATCHES THE ENVIRONMENT. It almost matters just as much as the gun that you have. If you fmg on the interfention, aim for the head for an instant kill. Keep your throwing knife ready when going around corners. DO NOT CAMP. If some addicts start watching the killcams, they will hunt you down. I suggest for the most part that you keep a regular rifle around. Don't get used to using the riot shield and sniper over and over or you will not get as many kills as those around you. Get the thermal scope as soon as you can. You will not upgrade your xbox live multiplayer status by playing with friends and family at home.

In multiplayer maps, Go to the top of the latter in rust and snipe. In wasteland use flashbangs to get in trenches, watch your back and don't siege the trench over and over. In Estate. Do not camp in buildings surrounding the cabin. Stay in the cabin, and when trying to get in the cabin, there are three entrances that are at your disposal. In afgan use the hill to snipe and watch your back. In favela, use the buildings as cover and do not get impatient, stay were you are in cover.

In special opps Play all the first stage opps on vetren and hardcore. Use teamwork or you will loose. When encounering juggernaunts, snipe them over and over, do not get close. Make sure you use silence and stealth over brutal and loud. That wraps it up, thanks for reading!