The AK-47 is such an iconic and legendary piece of weaponry.  It has a huge history behind it, and it has become the world's most prolific and effective combat weapon.



The AK-47, or the 'Avtomat Kalashnikova model 1947', is a creation of a man named Mikhail Kalashnikov.  After serving in the Red Army for 3 years, Mr. Kalashnikov was sent home because he was badly wounded.  He designed this weapon system while he was recovering in the hospital.  Two years later the weapon system was finalized and implemented into the Red Army.  The weapon itself is actually based off the German Sturmgewehr.  This weapon has killed more than any other weapon in the world; it's killed more than nukes, swords, and every other weapon in the world.  The Red Army is based on this weapon.  A lot of weapon systems are variations of the AK-47, such as the RPD and RPK light machine guns, the SVD and VSS sniper rifles, and the SAIGA shotgun series.  Today, the Red Army's standard assault rifle is something called the AEK-971.

Mr. Kalashnikov is proud yet guilty for his creation.

"My work is life, and my life is work.  I invented this assault rifle to defend my country.  Today, I am proud that is has become for many synonymous with liberty."

"It is painful for me to see what criminal elements of all kinds fire from my weapon [...] I created this weapon primarily to safeguard our motherland."

~Mikhail Kalashnikov


The AK-47

As you can see, the AK-47 returns to Modern Warfare 2 heavily modified.  The first thing you might notice about the change is that it's not wooden; the wooden parts are modified for a tan/white polymer furniture finish.  Also, a rail system is added to it, and the stock is revamped.



As you can see, this is the accurate stats of the AK-47 in Modern Warfare 2.  With no suppressor attached, this gun will hit 40 up to roughly medium range.  After that, it will hit 30.  WIth a suppressor attached, it will hit 40 in close range, and it will hit 30 the rest of the distances.  Remember, Stopping Power will multipy that damage by 1.4, along with vehicles with Stopping Power Pro.  It's rate of fire is (ironically) 666 rounds per minute, a fairly slow rate of fire for an assault rifle.  It takes 1.75 seconds for the ammo counter to change while reloading, 2.5 seconds for the whole reload, and 3.45 seconds on an empty reload (bolt pull).  Also, it takes 0.95 seconds to pull out an AK-47 and 0.65 seconds to switch, which then follows up to the other gun's raise time, except pistols.  Headshots will multiply your damage by 1.4, with stopping power it adds up to 1.8, a considerable amount of added damage.  Anything below the head does the same 40 or 30 damage, and there is no difference with hitting the legs and the chest.  




GP-25 underbarrel grenade launcher.  Unlocked at AK-47: Marksman I - Get 10 kills with this weapon.  The grenade launcher isn't M203 because the AK-47's rail system is only designed for the GP-25.  It has a slower reload time but it can be switched to much faster than M203.  I don't recommend using the GP-25 if you're going to be using a grenade launcher as a primary; however, it makes for an excellent tool.  Use it like a normal hand grenade, because no one would use it as a primary weapon.  For example, when you see an enemy run behind cover, switch to your GP-25 and fire one towards the enemy's position, and use the actual rifle to fire at enemies in sight.  Also, in my opinion, this attachment makes the AK-47 look really good.


Masterkey underbarrel shotgun.  Unlocked at AK-47: Shotgun - Get 20 kills with the Grenade Launcher.  This attachment is rarely used but it can be sometimes useful.  It barely makes it as your traditional shotgun but it frees a space for a secondary item so you can something other than a shotgun.  With this attachment, try to be accurate with it, because it's not as easy to get a one shot kill with this attachment.  It also has a long range at which it will do damage.

Red Dot Sight reflex sight.  Unlocked at AK-47: Marksman II - Get 25 kills with this weapon.  This weapon sight is for precision aiming and it's purpose is different of the Holographic Sight's.  You would want to use this attachment for maps where you will have less close encounters.  The "red dot" is the only thing you see on it and this means that it's the only thing your eyes focus on whilst aiming down these sights.  This attachment is probably the most useful (along with the Holographic sight) for the AK-47, as it will make aiming easier, because it's hard to see where you shoot at using the iron sights because of the "bouncing" that the AK-47 will make.

Holographic Sight EOTech sight.  Unlocked at AK-47: Holographic Sight - Get 60 kills while looking through the Red Dot Sight.  This sight will make the shooter acquire targets just a hair faster and it assists with aiming a tiny bit more.  This sight is for generalized shooting, though it can also be used for precision shooting.  The red dot in the very middle is a bit harder to focus on than that of the Red Dot sight but the large "red area" means that you will acquire targets faster.  This sight is recommended for SMGs, LMGs, and possibly machine pistols.

Noise cancelling & flash hiding weapon Suppressor.  Unlocked at AK-47: Marksman III - Get 75 kills with this weapon.  I don't recommend this attachment for this weapon.  The reason being is that it feels like it makes it kick more sideways, which will end up in more lost firefights.  If you want to use a suppressor on a weapon, use a high rate of fire and low kick weapon, like the M4A1.

Heartbeat Sensor reconnaissance tool.  Unlocked at AK-47: Heartbeat Sensor - Get 15 kills with the Suppressor attached to this weapon.  Even though this attachment is often frowned upon, I believe this attachment works well on all weapons that can harness Heartbeat Sensors.  After all, knowing your enemy's position is a huge advantage.

ACOG Scope Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight.  Unlocked at AK-47: Marksman IV - Get 150 kills with this weapon.  This attachment is arguably the worst attachment to use on the AK-47.  Using this attachment will add up to the kick and will make hip fire less accurate.  Again, if you want to use this attachment use it on a high rate of fire and low kick weapon.

Thermal Scope Rifle scope.  Unlocked at AK-47: Thermal Scope - Get 20 kills with this weapon while looking through the ACOG Scope.  To tell the truth, this attachment works better than the ACOG scope, because the "bouncing" is eliminated and recoil is much more managable.  But even though it's better than the ACOG scope, I don't recommend using it as this attachment doesn't work with assault rifles.

Full Metal Jacket bullets.  Unlocked at AK-47 Marksman V: Get 300 kills with this weapon.  I personally think that FMJ is not very useful for assault rifles, because shooting through walls more efficiently is not a very big advantage.  Also, this will not increase your weapon's damage, not even by a bit; however, it will slightly increase the damage when you use bullet penetration.  Only use this attachment if you want to get Extended Magazines, which is easy to earn while playing 3rd-person game modes.

45-round Extended Magazines.  Unlocked at AK-47: Extended Magazines: Get 40 bullet penetration kills with FMJ attached to this weapon.  This is another attachment that is not very useful for the AK-47.  It's fairly low rate of fire will mean that you have less of a chance to run out during a firefight.

How to Use It

I think that the AK-47 is a very balanced gun and not overpowered at all, its how all assault rifles should be in Call of Duty.  The "bounce" will make long range targets just a bit harder to take down, which is why the Red Dot Sight is probably the most useful, because you can see what you are actually shooting at.  It is definitely not the best assault rifle in the game, but its reputation and legacy has made it my favorite, which is why I made this guide:  to teach AK-47 fans how to use it.  For long range targets, you want to fire in short bursts or more preferably, one shot bursts, which I find the most effective for very long range targets.  This gun is self explanatory for medium to short range targets, but try not to get off target.  Since this gun hits as hard as the burst-fire weapons, the SCAR-H, and the TAR-21, you won't need Stopping Power.

When to Use It

I advise you don't use this weapon on large, open maps like Wasteland or Derail, as it is not very effective for long range targets, but is still very usable.  This weapon is effective on general, all-around maps like Sub Base or Terminal, where there will mostly be medium range encounters.

The Rest of It

The rest of the part of using this gun will just take practice, because you won't be an AK-47 pro by simply reading this guide.  Give this weapon some time to get used to, and you'll be on your way to fall camo in no time.