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  • Forum Post: Mw2: overrated, or way overrated

    I looked through some of the threads here, and you people think that: Modern Warfare 2 is the best game ever, and it shouldn't have gotten a 9.75 out of 10 and this couldn't be more wrong. I looked on Metacritic, and Mw2 got 94%. This would be a 9.4 compared to GI's 9.75. GI thought that...
  • Forum Post: Campers got to hate them

    whats going on with all the campers in modern warfare 2, god it gets ne so mad when they camp with the grenade launchers. i need a good class to take care of the campers, any ideas?
  • Forum Post: Infinity Ward's MM in MW2

    MW2 is a poorly thought out multiplayer game. Infinity Ward seems to only care about how "bad ass" they can make their game. Balance, connectivity, host migration, is all poor. not to mention this game has to be the least grief proof game in the history of online FPS. They need to take a lesson...
  • Forum Post: New Modern Warfare 2 Glitch?

    What's up with the crazy n00b tube thing that's been going on in MW2 ever since Infinity Ward patched the Javoline Glitch? I got in to a match today and was greeted by a massive barrage of grenade launching cluster****. Is this a glitch or something else?
  • Forum Post: When Can We Expect A PC Review

    The PC version is vastly different than the console one. Its average score is much lower than the average score of the console version. So, can we get a separate review?
  • Forum Post: Why the Russians? Again?

    If the CoD Modern Warfare games are accurate, approximately half of all Russians are power hungry, nuke loving, generaly mean- and slightly ugly- looking murderous bastards. I just wanna know.....Why? Is Russia really like that? Do CoD creators have something against them? Did the CoD MW enemy-picking...
  • Forum Post: What's the thing about MW2 that brings chills down your spine??

    What is it about MW2 that is literally turning your teeth to dust as you grind them as you watch the epicly climatic trailers? What is it you are F*ckin dying to try out? What is the 1st thing your gonna do when you have that glorious disk inside your xbox?!!? (hahaha red ring of death---That would suck...
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