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  • Forum Post: Mw2: overrated, or way overrated

    I looked through some of the threads here, and you people think that: Modern Warfare 2 is the best game ever, and it shouldn't have gotten a 9.75 out of 10 and this couldn't be more wrong. I looked on Metacritic, and Mw2 got 94%. This would be a 9.4 compared to GI's 9.75. GI thought that...
  • Forum Post: Campers got to hate them

    whats going on with all the campers in modern warfare 2, god it gets ne so mad when they camp with the grenade launchers. i need a good class to take care of the campers, any ideas?
  • Forum Post: New Modern Warfare 2 Glitch?

    What's up with the crazy n00b tube thing that's been going on in MW2 ever since Infinity Ward patched the Javoline Glitch? I got in to a match today and was greeted by a massive barrage of grenade launching cluster****. Is this a glitch or something else?
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