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How did this game get a GI rating of 9.75?

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  • oh no!!!! .25 lower then your opinion!!! How horrible and insulting!!!

  • I can agree with your point here. I like the game as well and among others, it has flaws but give credit wheres due!

  • @ Montreux

    Great point, we should all agree on that.

  • I can't believe you're complaining about a game getting a 9.75.

  • DeadByDagger:


    I am confused. 10 out of 10 all the way. It does have a few flaws, granted, but what game doesnt? THere is no way that this game is better than Uncharted 2 (Which did get a 10 by the way)

    It's generally understood that 10/10 means "flawless."  You answered yourself.


    hahahahahahaha true true....

    CaNdLE + LiiGHT = OWNAGE

  • I think GI did I fine job rating. The original got a 10 because it introduced new concepts to the FPS genre. The new one didnt really shatter any new ground. True out of the games I played 2009 this is my favorite, but we need to realize that MW2 did lose some of its shine. Now I will szy right now if you havent played, go out and get it. just dont expect to get your mind blown away like the first one.

  • dude, it's just another war game. I'm suprised it even got a 9.75. heck, I ended up selling it for bioshock 2. I'm not saying it was a bad game, just a very average unoriginal game. (yes I know my spelling sucks).

  • @ DOS XX just like Nigel's amp

  • Multi-player is good, COD has never disappointed with this aspect. I said it once and i will say it again, people complain about COD multi-player but  they played COD 4 for a straight 4 yrs. so obviously it was a good game. whats to stop them from playing this one for the same length? As much as i hate to complain though... MWF2's multi-player is trash, to many glitches, not enough patches. they are finally releasing a constant flow of map packs (a problem with COD4 that was depressing) but all that means is new areas to exploit. Tenth prestige lobbies, unparalleled perks (commando pro) and terrible reconstruction of modern weapons (thermal vision). this game is far from perfect. overall after seeing what has become of MWF2 i say let it die, wait for the next one, play the campaign but don't touch the multi-player if you don't want to get frustrated with petty bull crap. Story and Characters- 10/10--- Multi-Player-   7/10 (That's being Generous)

  • This game definitely deserves about a six or seven. it was fun for about a week(if that). Mostly its just the people who play the game who make it boring. being noobs and such

    I came, I saw, I conqered

  • A FEW FLAWS!!!!!!! A FEW FLAWSSSSSSSSS !?!?!?!?!?!! seriously tho, modern warfare 2's story was short but had plenty of draw dropping moments and amazing scenes that u will always remember. With that said i am now going to start my rant about multiplayer. I believe that Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is extremly broke and deserves a complete makeover. Im not going to talk about Commando, Deathstreaks, and oh dont get me started on Care Packages because those are very obvious to realize their faults. U know wat? i am going to talk about that! The main reason why this game turns away many players (despite the hundred of thousands of players that do play granted) is because of how easy a person that sucks at the game can be good! i mean, yes it does and would take 3 shots to kill someone with an Ump-45, but the game makes it so easy to get a kill in the first place! if Idle sway (if u dont know, its wat an ACOG scope does when not moving the right stick and aiming) was put into the game it would have helped so much because then it wouldn't take such little skill to kill someone! Commando speaks for itself but deathstreaks! WHY ON EARTH WOULD U CATER SOMEONE WHO SUCKS! yes its a good idea from infinity ward so it would attract more "noobs" but to people who are actually Excellent at CoD 4 (cant say MW2 cause no one can be Excellent at the game) Cant stand dying to a dropped Martydom or a painkiller spawn! another thing about the game is that they decided to keep Danger Close and hey! they even made the radius for noob tubes and rpg's even greater! Horrible. I have to go now but i just want to say a few more general things. the fact that they put shotguns as secondarys and amped up the power is just wonderfull! anyways thanks for your time reading this and no im not going to say another game is way better or anything like that cause fanboys can go to hell.

                                                                                                   POed- joepapi619

  • Wow, he summed up most of my thoughts there, nice job. Except you never mentioned riot shields, the pinnacle of gimmicky idiotic weapons. I mean really, I shot it with my FMJ 50. cal, that should have shot through it like a hot knife through scrib jelly (ima elder scrolls fan) and then theres this retardedness where throwing knives insta kill..... WTF, im pretty sure that full body armor soldiers wear could withstand a THROWING KNIFE, and way too many idiots play the game, do you know how many people I can kill with cold blooded and a silencer? for some reason they seem to think if im not on radar I cant be there. also, whats with the fact that I can shoot someone, and get shot somehow before my bullet hits, even in a game with no bullet time, and then my shot doesnt count? And what is with these gimmicky retarded killstreaks? Most of them are absolutely useless, why should I get an attack helicopter when I can get a Harrier and airstrike for the same amount of kills? I mean the attack helicopter doesnt even kill that many people. and whats with the EMP? I have NEVER had any problem killing people under an EMP, sheer idiocy in design. And dont forget drop shotting. QUEERNESS. And why didnt they put a little bit more of a limit on how fast you can shoot the FAL? It just makes life easier for modders, really. and the knifing is retarded. This game is a giant sack of garbage, i would have never bought it if I had known. Heck, I would rather have bought Vampire Rain than this crap.

    oh and how come headshots sometimes dont kill? A silenced Intervention with coldblooded will practically bounce off their skull.

  • i agree, they improved the 1st one that got a 10, it should also be a 10.

    You cant believe everything you hear on the Internet, that's how World War 1 started.

  • Halo fanboy much?

  • There are minimal issues with the game

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