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  • Blog Post: Best Call of Duty of them all.

    Ghosts is an embarassment of a game. But before Ghosts, there was my personal favorite ( other than World at War), Modern warfare 2. This game's story mode was pretty good at the time, the suspense scenes and massive chases made the game memorable. Also the ending too was really good. Otherwise the... More
  • Blog Post: Fun but short single player.Rent it or borrow it from a friend if you don't like online play.

    I'm not a big FPS fan but I enjoyed this game.When you move around and aim your weapon it feels smooth unlike many other FPS games that have clunky controls. I like how your fellow soldiers will fight alongside you in battle and you'll see many of them getting shot dead to add a sense of realism... More
  • Blog Post: One of the Best

    I really liked this game. In my opinion this is the second best COD game out. Very fun and tense story line with a lot of twists and turns that will keep you guessing. Some of the missions can be hard but that is the fun of games, all should grant some what of a challenge. All in all the sounds are realistic... More
  • Blog Post: Best Ever!!!

    This game is great the ending was amazing and every second of playing is heart pounding greatness. If you like shooter games you must get this one. Good job infinity ward you did good again. I know im posting this a long time after it came out but it is still great. More
  • Blog Post: Modern warfare 2 is a grea addition to the Call of duty series

    Modern warfare was amazingly good. World at war was really good. Modern warfare 2 was really good. This great addition is agreat FPS, and a fun game Graphics are pretty good. When blood comes on the screen it's really annoying+plus some glitches and few moments. Still good. Story all right. Score... More
  • Blog Post: Fun Campaign, Entertaining Multiplayer, makes MW2 an Elite Title

    This game has so much potential to it, it is hard to describe it. The deep Multiplayer experience is great with friends, family, and on Xbox Live. The Graphics are what you will expect from the previous Modern Warfare but a little improved as you can see. Replay Value is really High as I play this many... More
  • Blog Post: My review of MW2

    It had few flaws. Im amazed. there's hardly an ability to make a montage, and Spec Ops Missions were really not all that fun. But all else is amazing. More
  • Blog Post: The Most Amazing Call of Duty Game. Ever.

    This is how the Call of Duty series got to where it is today. By this masterful game right here. Modern Warfare 2. I may be being a little too serious about it, but this game is the real deal, from the Campaign to Spec Ops. The Campaign follows various different characters as the incredible story goes... More
  • Blog Post: Kyle's Review

    Storyline: I had it for the first few minutes, but with all first person shooter games, you will get the "What!?" feeling Graphics: The best I have ever seen Sounds: all great! Controls: RT= shoot. all you need to know Play Time: Logged 5 hours on Veteran (VERY short) Entertainment: Shoot,... More
  • Blog Post: Modern Warfare Would Be Proud

    Modern Warfare 2 is a great game. While I was not a person who played the multiplayer, I did very much enjoy the single player campaign. The campiagn comes back gun-a-blazin' and leads off with Soap McTavish leading his own squad. It fills up some holes on what happened in the stunning cliffhanger... More
  • Blog Post: Can an overhyped game live up to the hype?

    Yes. yes it can. MW2 is a fantastic game. Sure it's no uncharted but the next best thing that came out in 2009. It has a decent story with an amzing online and a really cool spec ops mode. More
  • Blog Post: PC Version Comes Short

    I've spent an enormouse amount of time playing this game, both single and multiplayer on both consoles and PC, but this version is the weakest of the three. Major downfalls of the PC version: no stat tracking, no leaderboards, no dedicated server support, a long delay on dlc releases compared to... More
  • Blog Post: The Best Call of far

    Modern Warfare ranks among the best games i've ever played. The online play is the best part of this game. It takes place after the first Modern Warfare and you play as many characters. The storyline could've been better. The multiplayer has a lot of depth and the points system is great. There... More
  • Blog Post: The campaign is great...

    But the multiplayer sucks. Way too many campers, noobtubers, modders, and more. The campaign part is alright but it seems too much of it was stolen from movies like Black Hawk Down. More
  • Blog Post: Awesome Call of Duty Games

    I think this game was awesome. If you didn't play the mission No Russian you missed a good twist in the plot. The mission Loose Ends was a hard but during the download part it also had a good twist at the end. The Gulag was a fun place for a mission. The ending was awesome too. It might just been... More
  • Blog Post: Modern Warfare 2 Expectations

    This game met and exceeded my expectations. It's always been the law of culture that the sequel will be more popular but not as good, well this one was more popular and greatly improved. I always start by at least playing the first mission on campaign so I at least know the difference between crouching... More
  • Blog Post: Infinity Ward sky high expectations

    My expectations on this sequel were very high and you know what? they really were . Starting with the campaign every single level was a total high action pumping experience , big explosions, a lot of tense, nice narrative and dramatic sequences . The gameplay is very smooth and easy, a great variety... More
  • Blog Post: Not 4, but not bad

    As the sequel to the greatest military shooter of all time, Modern Warfare 2 had a lot to live up to. For the most part, it delivers. The campaign delivers on the "omg!" moments, partly masking the fact that the plot sometimes makes no sense. I didn't play much multiplayer on this game... More
  • Blog Post: A Roller coster experience of fans who like First person shooters

    The moment i started playing Modern warfare 2 i was like WOW and OMG I didnt see that comeing it is recomended to peaple to like first person shooters with its great multiplayer and single player though i would recomend you play spec ops in solo mode Story: 5 years after the events of the Modern warfare... More
  • Blog Post: MW2: great single player and multiplayer bad coop

    The moment i started playing Modern warfare 2 i was like WOW and OMG I didnt see that comeing it is recomended to peaple to like first person shooters with its great multiplayer and single player though i would recomend you play spec ops in solo mode Story: 5 years after the events of the Modern warfare... More
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