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  • Blog Post: Fun Campaign, Entertaining Multiplayer, makes MW2 an Elite Title

    This game has so much potential to it, it is hard to describe it. The deep Multiplayer experience is great with friends, family, and on Xbox Live. The Graphics are what you will expect from the previous Modern Warfare but a little improved as you can see. Replay Value is really High as I play this many... More
  • Blog Post: Modern Warfare Would Be Proud

    Modern Warfare 2 is a great game. While I was not a person who played the multiplayer, I did very much enjoy the single player campaign. The campiagn comes back gun-a-blazin' and leads off with Soap McTavish leading his own squad. It fills up some holes on what happened in the stunning cliffhanger... More
  • Blog Post: Modern Warfare 2 Expectations

    This game met and exceeded my expectations. It's always been the law of culture that the sequel will be more popular but not as good, well this one was more popular and greatly improved. I always start by at least playing the first mission on campaign so I at least know the difference between crouching... More
  • Blog Post: Infinity Ward's Formula Loses Some of Its Luster

    Two years ago, famed developer Infinity Ward released "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare." As a series that prided itself on being set in WWII, the game had a huge setting shift, which translated well and catapulted it as one of the best games of this generation. It's also considered by some... More

    Im just going to have to say it... MW2 SUCKS BIG TIME!!! and this is coming from a guy with a kd of 1.42 in MW2. so you know im telling the truth when i say im not a n00b. so for all you fan boys of COD, get ready to have your most favored game slammed by one of the guys who switch too the unholy Battlefield... More
  • Blog Post: Hands down, best shooter of 2009.

    (Please note: To better my opinion based on difficulty, I have completed this game on Veteran). Straight to the point, if you haven't checked out 2009's blockbuster Modern Warfare 2, it's either because your poor, or you've been under a rock because just about every member of XBox LIVE... More
  • Blog Post: Maybe You've Heard of This One.

    Yes, it took me this long to write a review for Modern Warfare 2. And I'll tell you, it's not because I hadn't finished the campaign (which I did two days after its release), and it's not as though it took me this long to get to the online level cap (that took about a month). And it's... More

    This game is outstanding in almost everyway but it isnt the greatest game of all time.I mean it did the best in sale wise but still doesnt make it the best of 09.Honetley i thought Borderlands was the best. but enough about borderlands this game is great with jaw-dropping campaign with so many twist... More
  • Blog Post: Should be in your library.

    This game is amazing in all categories, and rather than saying more and risking a chance of repeating others, I will add this; the game should have added the ability to have a friend jump in with you (locally log in as guest) and join in the carnage. This is something Halo did perfectly, and adds a great... More
  • Blog Post: Call Of Duty MW2 Does What most sequels usually do... Fall Short

    Modern Warfare 2 is a seriously addicting game to play online, espicially if your like me and like teaming up with some of your friends and playing through the entire night but the online multiplayer is by far and away the best part of this game. First lets start with the single player, sure it has a... More
  • Blog Post: IconicSuicide takes a look at Modern Warfare 2

    After months and months of anticipation, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 made it's explosion onto our consoles with one of the biggest launches in history! I really don't want to make this a long review, because I know there are people out there who appreciate things to be short, sweet, and to... More
  • Blog Post: Modern Warfare 2 takes it all!

    I loved this game. Very fun to play solo, co-op, or competitive. The graphics were stunning, gameplay was nice. I loved everything about it, the spec ops and multiplayer are also very enjoyable More
  • Blog Post: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Review

    MW2 is one of the best games of the year. Story: The story of MW2 picks up five years after the last one and it doesnt dissapoint. The story might have a couple of loopholes and WTF moments but most was clearly understood or some people just played it for the action. Why was Captain Price in the prison... More
  • Blog Post: Modern Warfare 2 takes the prize

    This game is insanley fun dispite the short storymode.It has received numerous game of the year awardsand multiple editor picks. The online Is also fantastic and has somthing for everyone including matches ranging from Free For All, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the flag to Demoliton, HQ pro, Third person... More
  • Blog Post: Modern Warfare 2 Review-Game of the Year??

    Alright so this is my first review, so dont get on my ass if yall dont agree. Alright first off, the single player- I know everybody thinks its too short to even be called campaign, but you gotta admit, it was effin awesome....I would take quality over quantity any day. A lot of plot twists kept it truly... More
  • Blog Post: Infinty Ward Scores Again

    This game is definitely one of the best games of the year. The shooting is smooth, the controls precise, the graphics are beautiful, and Infinity Ward is the king of shooters. While this game lacks in innovation, it makes up for it in polish and solid gun play. Single Player: Aye, the campaign is SHORT... More
  • Blog Post: Salty Reviews: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

    Score: 9.75/10 Finally, a game worthy of the hype. The Good The campaign is action packed to say the least. It lasts for a paltry 6 to 10 hours, but doesn't have boring filler that most games will try to stuff in. You are always in the heart of combat, and take part in many colorful and unique missions... More
  • Blog Post: The Most Amazing Sequl to a Shooter Ever

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is probaly my favorite game of all time. With the amazing campain with cutscence and moments that keep you wanting more. There are a ton a trophies in this game so good luck getting them all. The graphics are amazing and better than Modern Warfare. I will being playing... More
  • Blog Post: The Greatest Polished FPS Yet to Grace the Consoles

    Infinity Ward knows how to take a great concept and make it phenomenal. Modern Warfare 2 is simply some of the most fun you will have on your console for quite some time, and deserves every minute of the weeks of playtime that will be clocked in by gamers around the world. As far as story is concerned... More
  • Blog Post: Better Than Hype

    It has been a big concern that hype ruins games. It was certainly the case with Gears of War 2. Modern Warfare 2 has been hyped, but has not been lost in its own shadow. There are a number of reasons for this, including a challenging plot and fast-paced, immersive gameplay. The game is not perfect, but... More
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