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  • Blog Post: Fun Campaign, Entertaining Multiplayer, makes MW2 an Elite Title

    This game has so much potential to it, it is hard to describe it. The deep Multiplayer experience is great with friends, family, and on Xbox Live. The Graphics are what you will expect from the previous Modern Warfare but a little improved as you can see. Replay Value is really High as I play this many... More
  • Blog Post: Overrated, Overpublicised, Overplayed.

    WIth little effort put into the story and a multiplayer that gets very repetative, Modern Warfare 2 would have been better as the prequel to Call of Duty 4. More
  • Blog Post: Modern Masterpiece

    There was a time when I wasn't even the least bit interested in war games. When Call of Duty and Medal of Honor came out, they didn't peak my interest. I liked first person shooter games, but for some reason, I didn't care about war games. Then, a few years ago, my friends told me about Modern... More
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