This game met and exceeded my expectations. It's always been the law of culture that the sequel will be more popular but not as good, well this one was more popular and greatly improved. I always start by at least playing the first mission on campaign so I at least know the difference between crouching and blowing myself up. I was somewhat disappointed when I saw the pit, getting the feeling that I had just been on a fake wooden boat as soap. Then, in the start of the real first mission I saw this game had a special quality to it. First off, we had been fighting in Afghanistan before, that wasn't new from the first modern warfare, however what I couldn't believe was how they had taken the same idea and put a new technological twist. The enemy were smarter, better armed, and in a greater supply. The addition of a Humvee also surprised me. I ended up finishing the campaign and it went down as my third favorite campaign in history. The only thing keeping me from giving a 10 is the feeling that I had been there before and there were only but a few groundbreaking differences in the campaign. The addition of special ops as a way to play instead of arcade mode in the first game was quite a nice change though, recognizing landmarks and missions from both games, it was amazing as to how fun random objectives could be. This game also has one of the best multiplayer system ever, I was proud to be a part of the 20 million people "doing it" as they said in the commercials. So, all around an awesome game, had fun playing it and hope that the third Modern Warfare builds even more.