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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

PC Version Measures Up

There are those out there whose ire at Infinity Ward over Modern Warfare 2's lack of dedicated server support blinds them to everything else about the game. Too bad for them. Not because their gripes aren't legitimate – after all, they can't play MW2 the way they'd prefer to – but because the game is outstanding regardless.

As expected, PC Modern Warfare 2 is nearly identical to its console brothers. The action is brilliant, the presentation is unmatched, and the content is extensive. There is no reason to consider this an inferior port, nor is it better than the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions except in the delightful precision of mouse aiming.

I hate to break it to the angry hordes, but my experience with multiplayer via IWnet's console-like matchmaking was smooth and lag-free. Host migration ensures that a dropped connection doesn't end the round for everyone, and I had no trouble finding solid games for any playlist. I never felt like latency was an issue; having a matches be player-hosted rather than a dedicated server machine didn't cause any noticeable problems.

Established clans are undoubtedly annoyed at not being able to run their own servers the way they'd like, but I encountered plenty of clan teams that had no problems owning the hell out of the matches they jumped into. On the other hand, for a player without a regular group, being able to jump into matchmaking and get a reasonably balanced game going with no hassles is awfully nice.

In an ideal world, Infinity Ward would patch in some kind of dedicated server support so that everyone can have what they want. I have a hard time complaining about a game as outstanding as Modern Warfare 2, though, even if its online implementation doesn't please all of its enormous fanbase.

User Reviews:

  • 9.75
    I really liked this game. In my opinion this is the second best COD game out. Very fun and tense story line with a lot of twists and turns that will keep you guessing. Some of the missions can be hard but that is the fun of games, all should grant some what of a challenge. All in all the sounds are realistic...
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  • 8.25
    I've spent an enormouse amount of time playing this game, both single and multiplayer on both consoles and PC, but this version is the weakest of the three. Major downfalls of the PC version: no stat tracking, no leaderboards, no dedicated server support, a long delay on dlc releases compared to...
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  • 8.50
    But the multiplayer sucks. Way too many campers, noobtubers, modders, and more. The campaign part is alright but it seems too much of it was stolen from movies like Black Hawk Down.
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  • 9.75
    I think this game was awesome. If you didn't play the mission No Russian you missed a good twist in the plot. The mission Loose Ends was a hard but during the download part it also had a good twist at the end. The Gulag was a fun place for a mission. The ending was awesome too. It might just been...
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  • 9.00
    This game met and exceeded my expectations. It's always been the law of culture that the sequel will be more popular but not as good, well this one was more popular and greatly improved. I always start by at least playing the first mission on campaign so I at least know the difference between crouching...
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  • 9.50
    The moment i started playing Modern warfare 2 i was like WOW and OMG I didnt see that comeing it is recomended to peaple to like first person shooters with its great multiplayer and single player though i would recomend you play spec ops in solo mode Story: 5 years after the events of the Modern warfare...
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