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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Tech Comparison (This Gen Vs Next Gen)

It's no surprise that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be making the jump to next generation this fall. At yesterday's Xbox One reveal, Activision showed off how much better the next generation title will look.

This video was originally presented on stage by Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg (whom we had the chance to interview yesterday). If you've heard about "the Call of Duty dog," but haven't yet seen what the buzz is about, now is your chance.

Call of Duty: Ghosts arrives on November 5, 2013 (though not necessarily that early for PS4 and Xbox One).

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  • For the people complaining about the graphics, you are forgetting, they get what? 8 to 9 months to work on each game, to keep the yearly release schedule. Unless I'm wrong about that time frame.

    I don't hate CoD, but that just doesn't seem like enough time.
  • It looks only incrementally better, especially the close up of the human character. The outdoor environments do look a lot better though. I would think they could make CryEngine 3 look bad with all the resources Activision has; plus crazy new graphics might have put all those people who grow bored of every current-gen CoD back into action again.

  • Ugh, graphics are good enough. Start focusing on something else.
  • Be sure to watch in HD.

  • Those are some sexy arms.

  • These look terrible.  Looks like World At War.

  • During the event yesterday they said they wanted to get away from the safe zone, which shows they know they were copy pasting. That is what irks me. They knew they were just releasing the same stuff and only now do they have an opportunity to change their format, even if it is slight. The dog looks great, the other stuff shown looked ok, but considering it is a COD game I don't expect them to change the gameplay to where i will stop and look at the nice foliage so the graphics really wont sell it for me. They said they changed some multiplayer stuff, but until i see some footage I am still not interested.


  • The graphics don't really impress me.
  • It doesn't look that much different. This is next gen graphics? I guess i shouldn't expect much, it's call of duty.

  • Such awesome looking games. Too bad there is zero creativity behind them. Gameplay will be exactly the same as COD4, the only difference is that now you will follow the dog and the dog will tell the new protagonist "Vomit": "Alright Vomit follow me, take out that guy on the left. I'll take care of the other 5 on the right. Now I'll kill everything until we hit the next checkpoint... We took care of those middle eastern scum right? Hoo-ahh!!!"

  • I saw a really funny screenshot from the trailer, where they highlighted those nice looking sunbeams breaking through the trees...and the sun, which was in the wrong direction from them. DOH!

  • Should I get it? or not? is the question.


  • dear lord they finally are going to improve the graphics. this looks so much better, but it was kinda funny for the guy to say that mw3 looked great "for the time" total bs. maybe it looked great for their engine but certainly not against the competition. anyway hopefully they can improve the campaign as well and make it like 10 hours long. thatd be great

  • COD did not look that great, I need a shooter next gen and I have been leaning to battlefield at the moment.

  • I'd like to see comparisons of the PS4/XBOX One to the PS3/360 versions (of CoD: Ghosts, not MW3 and Ghosts). I love being shown the differences and advances in tech. It reminds me how Rage's engine is, in some form, the original Quake engine. Quake started out with low-res textures and character models, initially with no GL rendering (unless you had a high end PC at the time). John Carmack took that code, and turned it into Quake 2. Smoother textures, improved lighting and particle effects, etc. Quake 2 became Quake 3: a bunch of code was re-written, but the core remained the same. Building on the base of that was Doom 3, which utilized the fourth generation of graphics and AI. iD Tech 4 was the base of Doom 3, and it was all just a heavily modified version of the Quake 3 engine. Call of Duty 2 started out on a modified version of iD Tech 3, which powered Quake 3. Since then, it has been slowly built upon and modified with each iteration of CoD, branching out but sticking closely with the initial design of John Carmack's Quake 1 engine, circa 1996. I wish someone would create a family tree of game engines, starting from the very first one made.
  • Not to be a buzz kill, but I've seen other games make these same graphical hurdles THIS generation already, not just on PC. Might be impressive for a COD game, but in comparison to every other -innovative- title out there? Ehh... Then again, this is an Annual Franchise. What am I/are we expecting?
  • Those graphics seem awfully expensive...

  • The new DirectX versions over the next few years will greatly improve visuals as well. This is just the beginning and these graphical improvements are long overdue.