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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Tech Comparison (This Gen Vs Next Gen)

It's no surprise that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be making the jump to next generation this fall. At yesterday's Xbox One reveal, Activision showed off how much better the next generation title will look.

This video was originally presented on stage by Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg (whom we had the chance to interview yesterday). If you've heard about "the Call of Duty dog," but haven't yet seen what the buzz is about, now is your chance.

Call of Duty: Ghosts arrives on November 5, 2013 (though not necessarily that early for PS4 and Xbox One).

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  • This is just my thoughts, but I don't see how people are still interested in COD.
  • Mod
    I know people are going to tear this a new one on this article, but I just wanted to say....ya know what, I'll just paste what I wrote on the other article. It pretty much encompasses how I feel. "Haven't been a fan of the series since CoD4. In my opinion, CoD2 and 4 are the best the series has to offer. After that, it kind of just became copy and paste.(in my opinion) The reason I'm commenting though, is while watching the new trailer at the Xbox One event, I said to my friend "Whelp, it looks like I might actually get Ghosts for my PS4" From the behind the scenes footage, to the tiny little snippets of gameplay, to the zeal in which the developer spoke about what he envisioned for this particular iteration, it got me excited for CoD again. I never thought I'd be typing those words, but I really think it's great that they just didn't go the safe route and pump out MW4 with the same engine and a few new map packs. Just my two cents."
  • I see Doggie!!!

  • Better yes. Amazing (especially if you compare it to other games that where shown at the PS4 reveal) no. I expect the next installment will be much more than what Ghost is today.
  • Good thing that they made this video cause the graphic improvements in the trailer were barely noticeable.
  • Am I the only person that didn't see a significance difference, or at least a big enough one to make a big deal out of it?
  • Underground eugenics. John McCain wears sandals made of rose petals. Lemur ice cream sandwich, son. Comment your top 5 rappers below.
  • This video isn't rendering at full 1080p so the subtle details of difference are harder to notice rather than if one were to be playing the game. Still, I can see the difference and it looks good, but to me it looks more like a "caught up" engine rather than an "advanced" engine.
  • Master hand is not impressed
  • Well it's hard to expect much out of Ghosts, since it's being bogged down by it's cross generation release. If it wasn't coming out of PS360 I bet it'd be much more impressive.

  • It's great that they're getting everyone interested in a  beautiful engine, but my concern is whether or not the graphic fidelity holds up in carnage and chaos.

  • Sweet it's about time!

  • Aww hell yeah! Arm hair!
  • Isn't this just an FPS? Does anybody really care about what that certain tree over there looks like? Aren't most people who play this game playing it to SHOOT things, not ADMIRE nature? Whatever.
  • will Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen appear?

  • Yet crysis 3 looks better than this!
  • God, that Xbox One announcment was horrible. It didn't help that one of the major highlights was this turd of a game. Seriously, all they really added was A DOG. The graphics barely look any different, it pretty much looks like Homefront, and all they really added was A DOG. I'm betting 20 bucks right now that in order for you to get ALL THE FEELS, the dog will be killed or you will be forced to kill it. Because if you're going with a cliche, you might as well make it the most cliched you possibly can.
  • why didnt they compare it to Black Ops 2??
  • Why didn't they announce one returning franchise that wasn't Forza? If a new Gears was announced yesterday and Halo 5 got its first trailer at E3, the announcement could have been decent.
  • it does look super good

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