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Call of Duty: Ghosts

New Campaign Trailer Shows Battle In Space, Devastation On Earth

Activision has released a new trailer for Call of Duty: Ghosts, with a focus on the traditionally bombastic single-player campaign. The clip shows a battle in space, as well as the effects on Earth following a devastating attack.

Fans of the game's canine companion, Riley, will likely appreciate the quick shot of him yanking an enemy from a helicopter. 

For more on the game's multiplayer, take a look at our video impressions.

Look for the game on current-gen consoles on November 5, on November 14 for PlayStation 4, and on November 22 on the Xbox One.

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  • An excellent trailer that might have gotten me interested in purchasing it, but I know in my heart that none of the epic music or cinematography or dialogue will be present in the game. Prove me wrong, CoD; please, prove me wrong.

    If anyone is interested, I believe the space weapon here has the nickname "Rods from God." They're essentially Tungsten rods that, delivered from orbit, match the explosive force of a nuclear weapon without any radioactive fallout. I did a physics project on them lol
  • I hate to say it but this looks pretty damn awesome.

  • The 11th of May 2013?

    Oh that's right, americans have to do everything *** backwards and complicated. Even dates.

  • needs more patriotism and michael bay...

  • I can see it already, it's going to break my heart if Riley gets killed in the game.
  • I can see it already, it's going to break my heart if Riley gets killed in the game.

  • man, i love this game. this serie always takes you to places you dont expect to fight a war...i am sold! IW, please just have my account attached to your games for every release. haters gonna hate!
  • should I wait for ghost 2? or maybe BO3? or maybe... MW4? :P

  • They should make a Call of the Dooty that is focused on stealth. At least for the campaign.

  • would conventional firearms work in space? i's a vacuum. so how would the powder combust?
  • aren't the first seconds of this trailer from the new movie called ''Gravity''? and shooting in space and bullets seem to go fast instead of floating... ok. And why does every company now put the ''Inception'' sound effect?
  • Can't wait to see how many 12 year olds come into my store to buy this crap. XD
  • Just put this together that the main character in this game is going to Ghosts' son. Herp a derp.

  • Eh.

  • I knew it was inevitably going to happen. Now CoD has literally been everywhere. Next it'll be CoD: Mars or something haha.

  • Not a bad trailer though.

  • To everyone wondering... Yes, guns can be fired in space. Yes the bullets would actually go somewhere. They'd actually go fast because of the lack of atmosphere, which means no resitance on the bullet.

  • Dogs are integral to the game and warfare in general.  The space mission is definitely something different & has not been done by COD before.  I am amped about this game on the storied series. Imho, a great way to end the current gen consoles.  

  • I like what COD is doing. They're using their imaginations and being creative. The space stuff looks fun to me and I can't wait to see how they pull it off. At first it's like.. a space mission???.. but after a while it sounds cool and... different! COD just wants to bring something new and something that we never really thought would happen. I mean who knew they were going to do something with space? lol

  • Just when I thought it can not get any ridiculous than astronauts firing machine guns in space, I saw a dog taking down a helicopter. Game designers should stop designing games when they are high.