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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts Customization Items Trailer

If you're tired of using a standard assault rifle while playing Call of Duty: Ghost then you might be excited to customize your gear with some cats...or rubber ducks!

It's not April Fool's Day yet, but the trailer for Activision's new customization options for Call of Duty: Ghosts seems to act like it is. The new customization options are available for download right now. Some of these options have to be seen to be believed. And see them you can. Right here:

You're probably already familiar with Ghosts, but how much do you know about it's upcoming Onslaught DLC?

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  • that top screen summarizes this entire series of games better than anything else ever could.

  • Oh my... And I thought this game was at its low point before, but wow.

    It's really disappointing to see a franchise that spawned Call of Duty 4 create this kind of gimmick(even though it is a different group of developers under the IW name).

  • If this was to happen in a real world scenerio the opposing team would laugh then shoot the guy and bury him with his stupid decal weapon. Its easy to spot anyone one Ghosts... its going to be even easier to spot anyonewith a stupid decal.

    What has happened to this franchise. I bought the game and season pass for nothing. I havent played this game since the beginning of december.

  • That's one place I don't wanna see my kittas.

  • SPACE CATS!!!!

  • What did i just watch?!?!

  • Wow that's lame, lol.

  • Wow, seems like a lot of people need to calm down a little bit. It's just dlc camo. It's not like you're playing as the cats in space. You guys need a sense of humor. :]