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Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts Customization Items Trailer

If you're tired of using a standard assault rifle while playing Call of Duty: Ghost then you might be excited to customize your gear with some cats...or rubber ducks!

It's not April Fool's Day yet, but the trailer for Activision's new customization options for Call of Duty: Ghosts seems to act like it is. The new customization options are available for download right now. Some of these options have to be seen to be believed. And see them you can. Right here:

You're probably already familiar with Ghosts, but how much do you know about it's upcoming Onslaught DLC?

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  • Oh Call of Duty.

  • Can it get any worse?

  • Cats are cool, but nothing beats stabbing guys with a bacon-covered knife in Black Ops II.

  • When did Call of Duty fall under EA?

  • I don't even...

  • weak game is so boring now i had to trade it in for titanfall!!!!

  • Has it now come to putting duckies on your gun to add replayablity to the game? really!?...I MEAN REALLY?!! How many people even notice that stuff in the big giant never ending clusterf*** showdowns that we call matches in CoD.
  • Officially jumped the shark now?

  • COD is gonna be the franchise that end's COD.

  • Smh all I'm going to say is This game was made by the community for the community as infinity ward would say. I guess this community wanted bs kill streaks and the super lean mechanic make the game so slow pace

  • R.I.P Call of Duty.

    You had a great run.

  • R.I.P Call of Duty. You had a great run.
  • A riot shield plastered with cats or ducks actually sounds pretty awesome.

  • Lol, the hate for this franchise is of epic proportions. Yet thousands of people are playing it every second of every day. By the way, I bet $1200.00 Infinity Ward does something very different in 2 1/2 years. Bank on it.
  • This made me laugh until I realized how much money they're going to make of the cats.

  • I'm sure they'll be charging an exorbitant amount of money for all of this together, but those are some pretty sweet MP additions I guess.

  • Honestly I saw like the 7 packs or so they added for customization and almost died. Oh and there's extra loadouts for sale as well. CoD is already iffy with me, but now the most "popular action game of all time," the game that frequently does phenomenal in sales and beats its budget still finds ways to nickel and dime people this badly. I won't lie, some of those camps were pretty neat. None of them are worth 2 dollars.

  • Only on X-bone? WTF! Seriously, how far Cod has fallen. lol What a joke, very funny. What if you have the the dog perk out and the cat pack, will they fight? lol

  • Put a fork in it, this franchise is done.
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