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Zombies- Origins Guide to 40+

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Zombies- Origins Guide to 40+

Welcome to Say Im The Pro (Xbox Gamertag) Guide on Zombies "Origins" for 4 Players ONLY


First you start off in Spawn Point at Generator ONE

Kill the zombies until you notice the spawning slows down then start up the generator! 

Once generator is done kill last zombie and stay until the END of round 4- Check for the Zombie Shield Parts

Rush to Generator 2 which is right from spawn point and Buy the MP-40 and DON'T hit the box!!!

Start up the generator 2 people watching left and right of generator. Once done have the people with highest amount of money buy the 2 door's to "No Mans Land" 

Kill the zombie and while round 5 is starting up , start up generator 4 and have two people again guard the left and right side of the generators while the generator is charging up. 

At this point you don't have Jugger-Nog which is okay. Go behind jug which a soul box should be placed. have EVERYONE take turn's killing then grab jug.

Once everyone have jug which should be round 7. Looking at the Generator 4 Point of view run to the right and hop of the bridge first exit and buy both doors the 1000$ one and 750$ to escape turn on three and Check for Zombie shield parts again . Kill all zombies and save for Speed Reload which is very useful. 

BE READY FOR ROUND 8 THE PANZER IS COMING :( !!! Aim for the head always and if he grabs you don't panic and SHOOT THE ARM THAT HAS A RED BEEPING LIGHT. Turn on generator 5 and generator 6. Grab Stamin-Up and always Quick Revive. it always amazes me how there's that "one" person who gets down atleast 10 times 

Now fill up all the boxes at 5-Excavation-& 6 

Once done Get on tank get first lightning Staff part and then wait for tank to get done cooling off and have two people hop off tank for the last two lightning staff parts. And Survive



When it snows at Generator 2&3-First Ice staff parts 4&5 Second Ice Staff Parts and 6 Last Staff Parts

Maxis Drone Parts- Spawn,Generator 6, Excavation

Fire Staff Parts- Inside FIRST Panzer Kill him , After Generator 6 Is turned on and inside Airplane in the Air

Wind Staff Parts - In ALL Robots

Lightning Staff Parts- Hop off tanks

For golden shovel is up to 30 digs. And Golden Helmet is random . Could be your first dig or your 1,000,000th dig.