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  • Wiki Page: SMG class for COD black ops 2

    Primary weapon: Vector K10 (with laser sight, fast mag, and long barrel) Secondary weapon:Smaw Tactical: smoke grenade Lethal: frag grenade Perk 1: lightweight Perk 2: None Perk 3: engineer Wildcards: primary gunfighter Notes: set your button layout to tactical. Strategy: shoot down Counter UAVs/Uavs...
  • Wiki Page: How To Rank Up Fast

    The key to ranking up fast in Call of Duty: Black Ops II lies in two areas: 1). The ability to kill people fast and frequently. This doesn't necessarily mean you have to kill them more than they kill you. It just means you need to kill someone on a regular and quick basis. To do so, just sprint towards...
  • Wiki Page: Bouncing Betties

    Bouncing Betties. Many Call of Duty players complain about Bouncing Betties. They are a part of the game and they're not going away anytime soon, so here's a couple ways to avoid getting killed by them (All of these techniques work best in Black Ops 2, but can be used similarly in other games...
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