Bouncing Betties. Many Call of Duty players complain about Bouncing Betties. They are a part of the game and they're not going away anytime soon, so here's a couple ways to avoid getting killed by them (All of these techniques work best in Black Ops 2, but can be used similarly in other games).


You could use the perk, Dead Silence. This perk allows you to eat enemies. This perk is especially useful in tactical game modes such as Search & Destroy.

Another thing to do is to use Engineer and at least one Black Hat. A black hat allows you to hack other players equipment as well as other things like killstreaks (also very helpful in tactical game modes). With Engineer you can spot the equipment and with the Black Hat you can turn the enemies equipment into your own. The only downside of this is that each Black Hat can on be used once.

The final way to avoid Bouncing Betties is to go prone when you hear the signature click that means the bouncing betty has been activated. In my opinion, this is the least reliable solution because it can be hard to go prone depending on where the bouncing betty and you are located. Also, the timing must be just right or the bouncing betty will still kill you.

I hope this doesn't help you out at all.