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Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II's Apocalypse DLC Available Now

Call of Duty: Black Ops II's final DLC collection of multiplayer maps and the Origins zombie experience is available now on Xbox 360.

You can grab the DLC now for 1200 Microsoft Points (soon to be $14.99). It adds four new multiplayer maps, two of which are remakes of Black Ops maps. the Origins zombie experience takes place in a dieselpunk version of World War I-era France, and features gigantic robots.

You can check out a new batch of screens for the DLC, as well a trailer/music video below. The DLC will be coming to PlayStation 3 and PC in a few weeks.

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  • Only thing decent about CoD is zombies.... and I rarely play it!
  • Haters gonna hate...Everyone knows what to expect from a COD game by now...why even bother with the hate?
  • garbage.. been long since done with COD DLC.

  • Correction: One map from Black Ops 1, one map from World at War, and then two new maps along with the Zombies map.
  • I really feel like the Call of duty franchise needs something new, but this isn't it. They need to take a good long break, let the studio create a new IP. Change it up a bit. Lets try to tell some stories that don't take place in a warzone? Maybe try telling a different kind of story in a different kind of setting. Ugh I'd never make it in the video game industry considering the fact that everyone likes to be fed the same crap over and over again while the gems and great original content is pushed off to the side for crap like Call of Duty
  • I'm an idiot for getting the season pass for this. I bought into the hype and i'm paying for it now. The multiplayer is completely broken and unbalanced, which for me means it's unplayable. They release maps that have already been released in previous CoDs, which is super lazy! I regret ever buying this game and i'm happy to say that i'll never buy another CoD again. Battlefield you're up to the plate.
  • No matter what COD is always going to be a favorite. Multiplayer is the only reason I pick it up and I always have fun with it. They release remakes of maps because fans love it. People always bash it but somehow always find themselves playing it for long hours with friends. Get upset at me all you want but there is a reason the game makes high sale numbers.
  • origins looks good, I only ever judge the packs based on the zombie maps.

  • I don't get why gamers feel the need to put other gamers down. But I digress, this DLC looks so cool. I can't wait to play the new maps and the new zombie map. I wonder if Samantha will be in this one.

  • I watched a livestream of it, pretty amazing!

  • Not really a fan of COD but Treyarch should really consider making this a standalone game or at least base a game off it cause damn

  • I used to play just for zombies, but now it is very complicated,too complicated IMO, i just don't have the time anymore.Other than zombs the games are crap.
  • I got to play on three of the new maps tonight and enjoyed them all.  So far so good.

  • o i will eventually go to my friends house and play this because i sold my black ops but i do miss zombies.....i never buy DLC anyway