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Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Watch The World Premiere Black Ops II Trailer

Earlier today, Activision confirmed what many gamers have assumed for quite some time -- this year's Call of Duty title will be Black Ops II. Moving quickly with their media campaign, the publisher has released the game's debut trailer on the same day.

Watch below for the first look at Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which takes place in the year 2025. You'll see an elderly Frank Woods, a war-torn Los Angeles, and plenty of futuristic weaponry.

I had a chance to visit Treyarch last week and got a first-hand look at the changes in store for the series. Be sure to check in tonight at 12:01am Eastern/9:01pm Central for detailed impressions and big news regarding Treyarch's upcoming juggernaut.

  • Ok, never thought I'd be saying this but this is definitely on my "To Watch" list, also some of the set pieces looked rather different to the usual Call of Duty MO, like the Mech part. Although the ending was a bit uh... Horses? I dunno it just seemed so out of place, it'd be explained in the game I'm sure, but just seem out of place to me.

  • Yet another wasted shelf in stores around the world. This is, and I quote, the WORST game series EVER created. It is exactly the same thing every SINGLE game, although this is the first semi-variant of the normal CoD formula. Any bets this will also include some major references to Afghan or Iraq managing to steal the keys or something crucial to the US. I wonder when Activision and Treyarch will begin making games that actually have a catchy storyline or universe since generally everyone who plays this either likes the same game over and over again, is waiting for a major variation that will never come, or is possibly too ignorant to explore the endless amount of other games and genres out there in the global market. The only reason they don't change the CoD formula is because they know it appeals to the wider market, which in turn makes them money. But that doesn't mean the series is actually any good.

  • O M G. I just had a GAMEGASM!!!!!!!!!! I have NEVER been excited for a COD release!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!TREYARCH = COD KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I see a lot of comments "Looks like 2142" ... GOOD.

  • I can see the horse segment. Since the enemy takes control of the machines, horses make sense....and escape scene, chase, etc

  • so the main vilian in this 1 is technology? lame. whats going to b the final boss a giant robot?

  • It's so cool to see the aircraft from the company I work with worked into all these CoD games. First the Predator, then the Reaper now the Avenger!

  • What's interesting about this being set in the near future is that it brings Ghost Recon Future Soldier and possibly Spec Ops: The line onto a more even playing field. All three games are having to go outside of traditional War game formulas in order to create what doesn't currently exist. Obviously The Line is much more grounded ni modern day reality but still. The brand name behind Black Ops II makes it the forerunner for success but this new future allows for other games to prove themselves directly against the biggest franchise is FPS. Best of luck to all three games

  • Seems like a good turn for call of duty fans. But I'm battlefield all the way

  • Not really happy with the futuristic move.  Everyone is going to that these days.  Wanted a story and place more innovative.

  • Pretty good trailer. I did enjoy the first Black OPs over MW2 and MW3, so I'm willing to check this one out at least.

  • lol

    So I understand and Call of Duty games are basically the equivalent of summer blockbuster action movies, and so I expected it to be something like this. But seriously... it's like they're taking themselves too seriously here. It's just another CoD game with sci-fi overtones. Whoop-de-doo. And it will sell millions and millions of copies because that's how this crap works.

    And really? Product not yet rated? Please...

  • gotta say this trailer is impressive, treyarch continues to be the only thing keeping the series above water imo.

  • Eh seems mediocre at best, like most of the CoD installments these days. After the brainchild of Infinity Ward (I'm aware this is Treyarch) left the franchise due to disagreements with Activision, the series just seems to be stuck in limbo. Perhaps it's because they produce a new title every single year. Perhaps they purposely keep the game the same as they know many will buy it regardless. Whatever the case, the game just doesn't look that appealing personally. The overused and outdated game engine certainly aren't doing the game any favors. My hope, and this is likely not going to happen, is if one of these titles were to fail and underperform, Activision would be forced to have to step up it's game and allow Treyarch and Infinity Ward more creative freedom to truly make innovative and forward-moving titles. Perhaps the release and potential success of Halo 4 will be able to rock CoD's boat a bit.
  • WOODS IS STILL ALIVE!!!! he was my favorite character in black ops!!!

  • BAAAHHH! Blocked by the age gate!

  • ...The graphics look like ass.
  • It appears to incorporate a lot more varied than other CoD games.  Looks like it could be good.

  • *defeated sigh*

  • I’ve never been less impressed by a call of duty trailer.  This looks terrible.  The graphics look awful, and it gives the impression we’re going to be controlling drones and robots the entire time.  It’s May and people have been playing that piece of trash MW3 for about six months and we’re already seeing Nazi style propaganda on why we should buy another terrible title.

    And before all the fan boys come after me like a lynch mob… just to be clear, I wasn’t always a hater.  I owned the original PC games, bought COD2 with the X-Box 360 launch in 2005 and LOVED IT! I loved MW 1, and MW 2 was a patch away from being the best one (before Infinity Wards best developers bailed because Activision wasn’t paying them).  

    In a nut shell, the Infinity Ward/Treyarch every other year

    development is really just alternating Infinity Wards repetitive game play with Treyarch’s horribly broken online servers.