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Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Watch The World Premiere Black Ops II Trailer

Earlier today, Activision confirmed what many gamers have assumed for quite some time -- this year's Call of Duty title will be Black Ops II. Moving quickly with their media campaign, the publisher has released the game's debut trailer on the same day.

Watch below for the first look at Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which takes place in the year 2025. You'll see an elderly Frank Woods, a war-torn Los Angeles, and plenty of futuristic weaponry.

I had a chance to visit Treyarch last week and got a first-hand look at the changes in store for the series. Be sure to check in tonight at 12:01am Eastern/9:01pm Central for detailed impressions and big news regarding Treyarch's upcoming juggernaut.

  • First CoD game in a long time that I'm actually interested in, might even get it, we'll see.

  • looks very pretty. i like what they are doing. black ops sucked zoo hopefully this is better

  • seriously this game looks like crap they have used the same engine for the past 5 COD games and this is why its stupid its not advancing at all its the same game repackaged 6 times with different tired of it i want them to change it up...until then i will never play COD again

  • My worse fear has been confirmed, it actually looks good.
  • Terminator much? smh

  • AND que Battlefield 2143....

  • Actually looks kinda cool

  • Treyarch usually has good campaigns. I'm waiting to see if multiplayer has changed enough to spark my interest, to decide if I'm gonna borrow it from a friend or actually buy it.

  • Not gonna lie. It looks awesome hahaha

  • whoopee *** doo, another year, another CoD... its the same old recycled *** as before with a 5 year old game engine, this game is designed for minimal effort by the game studio's and maximum profit from all the stupid and ignorant current CoD players
  • Woods! You're alive!!!
  • Looks like standard CoD except you'll be using and fighting technology and machines more. Saw the standard slow-mo set piece scene in there plus the new 'snow mobile levels' which are still on horses. I'm sorry guys, but if placing a CoD game nine yeas after MW3 ends is a big deal then this is just sad. This is turning into the next Modern Warfare series, just the same stuff game after game. I was holding onto the hope that this one might be different-I enjoy the addictive combat and leveling online, and the campaigns (though the quality has declined)-but I now have five games that are near identical on my shelf. Too bad.

  • Hmmmm....I wouldn't say what I saw was interesting but more puzzling then anything. This plot just feels like a stretch even for COD standards. I don't hate COD nor do I love it but it has really lost its momentum in my opinion. It would have to make a drastic change like a complete overhaul of the engine for me to get excited about it again but that's just me. Now I'll still rent it & play through the game for the ridiculously absurd campaign like I always do just to experience the craziness of it all, but I feel like the creativity is no where to be found. That could come across as harsh but I have felt like it's has been going through the same motions for quite some time now.

    Call me jaded or bored with it but being saturated in this much COD all the time is just harming itself more & more. Yes there are many more game options out there to play instead & nobody is forcing us to play it but we seriously can't escape the franchise even if we tried. The success has grown too big even for itself.

  • I liked black ops multiplayer. Can customize my own emblem, so I hope this turns out better than I hope it would.
  • Looks like the same game with different levels and cheaper guns

  • Hmmm... it's a love and hate thing for me when it comes to the COD series now. By the time Fall comes around 85% chance of me getting this.  We'll see.

  • I'm actually a bit interested, I think I saw some 1st person horse riding. Also, the future is black lol.