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Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Watch The World Premiere Black Ops II Trailer

Earlier today, Activision confirmed what many gamers have assumed for quite some time -- this year's Call of Duty title will be Black Ops II. Moving quickly with their media campaign, the publisher has released the game's debut trailer on the same day.

Watch below for the first look at Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which takes place in the year 2025. You'll see an elderly Frank Woods, a war-torn Los Angeles, and plenty of futuristic weaponry.

I had a chance to visit Treyarch last week and got a first-hand look at the changes in store for the series. Be sure to check in tonight at 12:01am Eastern/9:01pm Central for detailed impressions and big news regarding Treyarch's upcoming juggernaut.

  • That was....underwhelming.
  • That was....underwhelming.

  • Treyarch > Infinity Ward

  • Didn't really hit me in the same way most reveal trailers did. But, the part on horseback was really, uh, original. Looked nothing like Uncharted 3.
  • its a shame that on the list of cool things from this trailer riding horses ranks higher than walking robot tanks

  • Mod
    Leave it to Treyarch to restore my faith in CoD. VERY promising ...
  • That looked pretty awesome, though the horseback riding part made me laugh.
  • Im not going to lie, i hate the COD series (except for MW 1) i'm a battlefield/halo player, but i am genuinely excited by the potential presented i this trailer...lets hope theirs change....

  • Eh Call of Duty: Redemption? Anyone else see the horses?

  • INTERESTING!!!! Hmmmmmm!

  • I'm so ready for this game!

  • it feels like they are taking all the epic and manliness from all the old spice commercials.

    but that can be a bad thing, too much it dies faster in a whimper instead of a blazing glory.

  • Waste of $60. Everyone move along and let this copy paste franchise die please.
  • the old frank woods kinda reminds of Johnny Knoxville's Old man character from JACKASS movies
  • THIS is the kind of innovation I've been waiting for. This actually has a shot at being good in my books

  • Looks awesome ive always liked Treyarch COD games more then IW....the horse scene looks out of place tho lol

  • ......Thats it.....mmmmmm.....WHOS UP FOR BLACK OPS 1.....EXCEPT..THIS TIME ITS IN FUTURE!!....hope you'll have fun playin a moderatly entertaining campaign...if you even decide to....ehem...5 year olds...and playin....some zombies for a bit....and then playin multiplayer that has been dead for the last 4 games....with modders,annoying kids,annoying people,random screaming,boring gametypes,some killstreaks,and did i mention.....THE SAME EXACT THING AS BLACK OPS 1 EXCEPT THIS TIME ITS IN THE FUTURE!!!!!!!
  • HORSES!!! o.O

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