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Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Watch The World Premiere Black Ops II Trailer

Earlier today, Activision confirmed what many gamers have assumed for quite some time -- this year's Call of Duty title will be Black Ops II. Moving quickly with their media campaign, the publisher has released the game's debut trailer on the same day.

Watch below for the first look at Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which takes place in the year 2025. You'll see an elderly Frank Woods, a war-torn Los Angeles, and plenty of futuristic weaponry.

I had a chance to visit Treyarch last week and got a first-hand look at the changes in store for the series. Be sure to check in tonight at 12:01am Eastern/9:01pm Central for detailed impressions and big news regarding Treyarch's upcoming juggernaut.

  • I enjoyed the first Black Ops. The narrative felt more contained than any other Call of Duty release, and I enjoyed the Tyler Durden twist, although I did see it coming.

    The trailer reminds me of Battlefield 2142 though. Time to see if our technology comes this far in 13 years. Make it happen Internet!
  • Reminds me of Battlefield 2142.

  • REZNOV!!!!!
  • This looks awesome! Can't wait!

  • wow. not surprising that much. they just brought some walkers from star wars.
  • It looks like they're trying to bring something new the COD franchise, but looks can be deceiving. I'm just going to guess it'll be exactly like the others, except in the future.
  • I would normally think that shrimp is delicious, but salmon has a pleasant kick once you combine the right vinegar.
  • First time since COD4 I have been this excited about a Call of Duty game.
  • This should be interesting, it better have an amazing AI
  • huh...

  • Looks like ***.
  • I'm sure tons of people will buy this for zombies.
  • We riding horses in COD?! Awwww sheit count me in!
  • Mod
    That actually looked good, haven't been this hyped for one of the CoD games since MW2.
  • I'm just glad has the strength to actually try to innovate the COD series. I'm definitely looking forward to this.
  • Battlefield 2025?

  • Ahh! I'm actually excited about this one. =D

  • This is looking really cool, and I'm sure Treyarch will be able to do a lot with the new future setting. Really looking forward to this one.
  • not sure if i should be excited or be disappointed trailer looks great though but what will gameplay be like? do we have to shoot 2-ton machines or is there still gonna be alot of people we shoot at? very interested on the multiplayer though i bet its gonna be great!

  • Actual Looks Pretty Sick ***! But Will It Have Zombies!!!!!
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