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  • Blog Post: Black Ops 2 Review

    Black Ops II Review It has been another year and another installment of Call of Duty has arrived, just in time for Holiday shopping. These games come out every November like clockwork. Just like the last few years, I’ve avoided writing a review of it. I always feel like I need time to fully digest... More
  • Blog Post: Black Ops 2: How Call of Duty Changed Gaming

    When you think of a FPS game the first thing that comes to your mind is well, Call of Duty. Whether that is good or bad Call of Duty has shaped the gaming community and the world. It really exploded with the release of Modern Warfare. At the time, Halo was the biggest contender and it still is now. However... More
  • Blog Post: A Few Disappointments, Good Game

    In this review of Call of Duty Black Ops 2, I agree with most of the topics of Dan Ryckert's Review of this game. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 brings up new ideas and old ideas together to try and change "Call of Duty" from it was before. I always thought of the saying "new ideas are not... More
  • Blog Post: Best Call Of Duty I've ever played

    8.75 This has to be the best Call of Duty I've played for a while. The campaign for starters is fantastic the story is interesting and the return of the characters from Black Ops 1 is fun and the way they are used is even better. The primary antagonist, Raul Menendez, is the type of villain you are... More
  • Blog Post: COD: BO2 Multi Player Review

    If you like fps and have never played a Call of Duty game you will love this game. If you have played Call of Duty games, then like me, you probably know what to expect from the campaign mode and you know that the value in this game is derived from the multi-player experience; so that's what my review... More
  • Blog Post: Finally Bored of Call of Duty

    Let me just start off saying that i'm not a CoD hater, I really liked the previous games before this. However, I think Call of Duty has finally hit the wall with this latest game. I found the multiplayer boring and repetitive even with the few new additions like new killstreaks and game modes. The... More
  • Blog Post: Black Ops II: One Step Back

    DISCLAIMER : Battlefield 3 more or less drew me away from Modern Warfare 3 this last FPS season, and to date, is probably my favorite FPS of all time. Prior to it's release I was 100% glued and dedicated to the entire COD franchise, specifically everything from Modern Warfare up to and including... More
  • Blog Post: What Matters: The Multiplayer

    *This is a review of Black Ops 2's multiplayer and in no way addresses the campaign because I believe most of us buy CoD games for the multiplayer, not the campaign* I completely disagree with Mr. Ryckert's assessment of BO2's multiplayer because significant changes run rampant through the... More
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