I'm not much of a fan of Treyarch's Call of Duty games, but I did enjoy World at War a lot, same with Black Ops 1. However, like any good franchise, it could fall flat after a while. Black Ops 2 is a good example of that.

The franchise is known for having a blockbuster campaign and great Multiplayer and this one just completely fails in all categories. The story is... okay I guess, but its not interesting and gets very confusing half-way through the game. The characters are cool, but they aren't memorable like MW's characters, aside from Frank Woods and Raul Menendes. Than the missions themselves aren't that bright either; some can be fun, while others are plain boring. The new Strike Force missions, which are optional in the campaign, aren't good either. They're actually strategy missions where you can take control of any of the A.I. allies you have with, they can also change the story line of the campaign, which sounded like a good idea, if your ally A.I. wasn't completely brain-dead! They almost never follow orders and die very easily. You don't even need to command them, you can just run 'n' gun it yourself. Good news is, they're optional, so you don't have to play them, unless you want to see how they change the story. I give props to Treyarch for trying to be original though.

The graphics aren't that special neither. In fact, they look very similar to Black Ops 1's graphics. The textures at some points can be good, but in certain areas, like the jungle mission in the beginning, look very unfinished. There's no screen tearing or pop-ups at least. The audio is very good though, which isn't much of a surprise really, same with the controls, smooth as its always been in CoD. The futuristic setting doesn't help this game either. This game does't take that inspiration fully. Sure there's active camo, but that's just not enough.

Multiplayer is what this game is mainly used for, but it really isn't that fun. The new class selection system, first of all, is stupid and unnecessary, the weapons can be powerful or complete crap with whatever attachment you place on it, and the maps can either range from cool looking to crap easily. Than there's the Zombie mode, which I found fun in World at War and Black Ops 1, but in this one... (sigh). Its a complete snore fest. Instead of being crammed-up in a small area of a large map, your fighting the zombies in a really big map. It takes forever to find a zombie to kill, since they're very slow in the beginning of the match, and it's hard to find any weapons to use in the overly large maps.

I never cared for the Call of Duty franchise, but always enjoyed the games' stories and multiplayer. However, Black Ops 2 might just be the worst Call of Duty game I've played in the franchise.