I thought that Black Ops II would originally be a really crappy game. Then I got my hands on it, and can easily say that it is the best Call Of Duty since Modern Warfare. The changes to the story have been long overdue, and they are great. Getting to make choices in a Call Of Duty game sounds like a one way ticket to failville, but it turned out great, and the choices actually effect more than just the ending. The option of making your own class before each mission was pure genius. It is something that I have wanted since Modern Warfare 2, and it's better than I could have imagined. The only complaint, the reason that Black Ops II didn't get this score from Game Informer I believe, is Strike Force missions. They aren't fun to play as a RTS, but Call Of Duty isn't made to played like a RTS, but rather an FPS. When played like a FPS, they are less of a burden and are actually playable.

Multiplayer is the same that is was in Black Ops, except without the currency. There aren't any real changes to multiplayer, but I can't complain, because it's as fun as ever to use the RC-XD. The guns are fun to use, the killstreaks don't neccessarily mean game over like in the MW series.

Zombies, a mode that I honestly never put too much time into, is extremely fun this time around. It could even be played solo for months, although I don't know why anyone would want to do that, especially since the new modes make teamwork more of a necessity than ever. Tranzit mode isn't the story mode many believed, but it is more fun without a crappy story about the zombie's origin and the forgettable characters. It's fun the find all of the secrets that are hidden in Tranzit mode, and I believe that people will play it well after Call Of Duty Ghosts has released.

This game Is worth playing to anybody who wants to get back into Call Of Duty after not buying anymore because they are all the same, and for newcomers, who have waited for a Call Of Duty that broke the mold even more than Black Ops did.