I've always really liked the Call of duty series. Do I agree that they should've made as many as they have? No. I thought they should've stopped after MW3, but we know how that turned out. As nervous of how bad Black ops 2 would be, deep down, I was excited. After playing it, I was wowed. Call of duty Black ops II is the best call of duty since Modern Warfare.

 Graphics are really good. I've never been a real fan of the graphics, but each year, they seem to be getting better, and better. Black ops 2 is easely the best looking Call of Duty. The score was well done, but the thing that shocked me the most was the voiceacting. It is absolutely superb. Everyone does such a great job performing. I really liked what they did with the story. They did such a great job. I love the choices. Only thing I didn't like was strike force missions. They were terrible. I mean seriously, why have them?

 The controls are the same as usual. The gameplay is really fun. Campaign is about 4-8 hours, plus with different endings, high replay value. Zombies has returned, but didn't improve that much. They were fun, but didnt seem as fun as they were in Black ops. Finally, one of the highlights of the game is multiplayer. Some how Treyarch has crafted the best multiplayer experience ever from a Call of duty. Very well done.

 Overall, at the end of the day, I'm really impressed of how good Treyarch did with BO2. It's not as good as Modern Warfare, but it's close. I just wish they would stop here on a high note. Sadly, that won't happen. To the game itself, it's a much buy for Call of duty fans and FPS fans. That's why I would give Call of duty Black ops II a

9.75 out of 10