This years call of duty sold ultimately well this year than that of last years MW3.simply because it's a call of duty game. Many users give this game an ultimately low score,but why?well there's many theories but mainly because its dominated sales since COD2. How ever I feel this was better than MW3 because the multiplayer is a lot deeper the campaign features mini sandbox like maps and your decisions can deeply effect the story. The graphics are pretty crisp running at a steady 60 frames per second. I think the biggest thing was that fans were looking for change but only tweaks and tweaks occurred. But I feel there is Change, it has a futureistic setting new guns,perks,and load outs plus the new score streaks are very flexible so you're given a pretty descent challenge and you can level up to 55 and prestige very quickly. The zombies add new characters but instead of the future weapons you get the old ones from the first black ops. You can find modern weapons as you progress through levels or rounds. Mystery boxes also contain modern weapons too. There are also new modes for the zombies like grief or just basic co-op. the sound is pretty crisp especially with a headset. If you like hardcore gaming or just wanna be competitive I would recommend getting this game.