This is a multiplayer review for Black Ops 2. First let me say that this is the best online multiplayer that I have ever played from a CoD game. MW 2 was good. Black Ops was great. MW3...Horrible. Black Ops 2 is excellent. I have always been a fan of Treyarch more than InfinityWard anyway.

There isn’t a map I don’t like in this game.. I prefer not to go to some of them, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them. I’m not to big on let’s say Aftermath or Turbine, but mostly because I always get destroyed on those maps.

The create a class system is excellent for player customization. And I love leveling up my guns. The only challenge I hate is the Blood Thirsty challenge for Skull Camo. I get countless Blood Thirsty Medals...until that challenge is unlocked for that gun...Oh, how the anger rises.

The one main problem I see is one I see in all CoD multiplayer, and that is the spawning system. Black Ops 2 did better about it, but some maps, like Hijacked, are horrible when it comes to spawn campers. Just get used to having an enemy in your face when you spawn sometimes and you’ll be alright...ok most of the time you won’t be. You’ll take a pump action shotgun blast before you even know what happened.

If you haven’t played it, do so. It has a very well made multiplayer. Sorry if you were hoping for a overall review. To be honest I’ve had so much fun playing multiplayer that I have yet to start the campaign.



I thought I would put a bit of zombies in here as well...since it is multiplayer. I’m kind of new to Zombies. I didn’t play it much in Black Ops, and I didn’t play it in World at War, but I can say I really enjoy Zombies in Black Ops 2. Pretty much the same as in the other games, shoot them in the head, don’t get cornered, get a bear and the mystery box disappeares...but from what I have played in Black Ops, Black Ops 2 Zombies has much bigger maps, especially if you do Tranzit. I think it takes you to three different levels in one playthrough. I may be wrong about the amount. Never made it past the "Umbrella Facility." That’s what I call the room where you turn on the power. But it’s fun.