My first WiiU game purchase turned out to be Black Op's 2 and boy was it a pleasant surprise. I won't talk much about the campaign because if you play through CoD campaign's then you already know what to expect here. I encourage people to give it a shot because it is another summer blockbuster type experience. The multiplayer is typical for CoD but with far more custimization and the ability to level up and Prestige faster. You really get to express yourself more with this one than I feel you ever could before. You can even load yourself down with perks and wild-cards and not have a primary weapon until you find one or kill an opponent. People will not be happy that quickscoping and lag comp are still present but these are now trademarks of CoD  games and we should all be used to them by now. One thing that makes this purchase worth every penny is the fact that you can now add bots to offline multiplayer. This means that people without internet, or people like me that get tired of the online community every once in a while, can play the multiplayer without dealing online hassles. It even has everything unlocked so it's a great practice mode and when you crank up the difficulty the bots are VERY lethal. Now, on to zombies mode. I played Zombies the least because I'm kinda burnt out of it. It's basically you and your group take a bus around to collect things to build power sources and face wave after wave of zombies. For those that enjoy this mode it definitely should satisfy and I'll play it more in the future but I have to find online buddies to play it with. Now finnally, why get this for the WiiU? In my opinion the WiiU version is the definitive version because of the Tablet controller. While playing, the Tablet has a full the full map displayed as well as your classes and killstreaks which can be accessed by tapping them. It might not sound like much but it really is nice to see the entire map at anytime by glancing down. Also, for split screen fans, you can have the Tablet user use the gamepad as a screen and the second player gets the entire tv to themselves. Now for those that don't want to use the Tablet you have any option of controller type. You can use the origional Wiimote(doesn't even have to be the Wiimote Plus) and Nunchuck, the classic controller, or the all new Pro Controller. You can't really complaign about controlls with this one. Overall I give CoD: Black Op's 2 a 9.25 because it's your typical CoD but you can really see that care went into this game to cater to every shooter fan. I almost didn't get this one but I'm glad I did and for the WiiU at that. Highly recommended.