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Black Ops II; Losing Luster in an Overworked series.

Every coming year even the new gamers know there will be one constant release some can even predict the release date for: Call of Duty. Some entries in the lauded franchise, such as the mega-hit Call of Duty 4, have been revolutionary in their concepts, and a good deal of the multiplayer components have been used in almost all of today's modern multiplayer shooters. After playing Black Ops II, I was left with a feeling of disappointment at the lack of any real new features. First, there is the practically unchanged multiplayer I've seen since 2007, but with enhanced graphics. Although there are many new e-tournament features I find to be quite useful, the formula remains unchanged; pick gun, pick secondary gun, perks, grenades, and go spray bullets wildly in an effort to kill someone. The single player component was a major improvement and a setback in the history of the series; I wasn't interested in Menendez' goals or plot, but was intrigued over the new style of the player determining the outcome of the story. It's not Mass Effect level depth, but I found myself interested in the changed story nonetheless. Strike force, just a terribly implemented component into the game. The zombies mode is the highlight here, as it usually is with Treyarch's installments, and players will find an enjoyable experience while, similar to other zombies modes, offers new gameplay to vary the experience. Overall, I was significantly underwhelmed by the Single and Multi player modes, and end with the belief that the franchise is seeing its last viable years as a "new and good" blockbuster franchise.

  • You're reviewing BLOPS2, not every single CoD. You shouldn't downgrade the multiplayer just because it's the same as the rest of the series. That said, I think you raised some valid points, but to me, it sounds more like a 7.5 in this review than a 6.75.

  • Sounds like you are reviewing Counter Strike which has been played constantly without changing for over a decade and not BLOPS2.. "Pick Gun Pick Second Gun".

  • For someone who has no history/gamerscore for the game being reviewed, I find your credibility questionable. Nice try though.