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Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Watch The World Premiere Black Ops II Trailer

Earlier today, Activision confirmed what many gamers have assumed for quite some time -- this year's Call of Duty title will be Black Ops II. Moving quickly with their media campaign, the publisher has released the game's debut trailer on the same day.

Watch below for the first look at Call of Duty: Black Ops II, which takes place in the year 2025. You'll see an elderly Frank Woods, a war-torn Los Angeles, and plenty of futuristic weaponry.

I had a chance to visit Treyarch last week and got a first-hand look at the changes in store for the series. Be sure to check in tonight at 12:01am Eastern/9:01pm Central for detailed impressions and big news regarding Treyarch's upcoming juggernaut.

  • Oh god. This is not happening, it's just a bad dream. It'll go away when I wake up.
  • Second

    Edit: Still okay graphics. Vihicles back in MP? Maybe. That would be good, although the campaign doesn't look intriuging.
  • Massive fail is massive.
  • This is so awesome! I hope the campaign will be as good as the first Black Ops!
  • WTF!! Yet another CoD uprising, and this time it's ahead of MW!!
  • You think I am mad...
  • Honestly this kind of looks dumb... I feel like it will be like battlefield if they add vehicles.
  • Um, this is... unexpected. This might be what CoD's been needing for the last 4 iterations.
  • um, don't sequels usually follow the same characters? this is activisions marketing at it's worst, this has nothing to do with the original black ops aside from having the same developer, they are seriously shooting for brand recognition with a subtitle here, a better subtitle would have been "future warfare" or "future ops" or "has nothing to do with that other black ops game that took place in the ****ing cold war"
  • Eh...It feels like they are trying too hard. It's like they can just throw a random concept on the wall and call it done because of the series' popularity.
  • WTF ?!

  • Where are the Zombies? I wanna see karate kicking, high-flying zombies that run at you commando style with machetes... or no buy.
  • I have to say, this actually looks pretty awesome. Even though I hated MW3, this looks impressive. Hopefully Treyarch can mix up the multiplayer to make it original (not the trash from Mw3) and make the single-player an awesome experience.

  • I can't stop laughing oh my god

  • I honestly do not believe this looks interesting....Rediculous rather, might as well call it Somewhat more Modern Warfare, I was expecting better.
  • ummmmmm.... ok? so whats going on? are they fighting robots? if thats the case wheres Arnold when you need him. im soooooo lost right now. any one understand this?
  • I dont know what say?

    Also, didnt Woods die in Black Ops?!?!?

    Edit: Ok I can stop laughing at how ridiculous this is. I would rather have another World War 2 game than this.

  • So let me get this straight black ops 2 is supposed to be a mash up of ghost recon meets a halo battlefield with a cool bro storyline, hmm Ill pass..
  • I enjoyed Black Ops but despised MWIII.  Then again, they are milking the COD series dry.  Oh well, I guess Bobby Kotex has to keep food on his table...

  • "the future is black" they actually said that what the hell
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