Call of Duty as everybody knows, is the biggest blockbuster game out today for the consoles. So trying to put it onto a portable game system sounds amazing to many but think again.

The graphics are okay for a psvita, not as good as others but it does the job resembling black ops. As for sounds, well the same old gun sounds, but lower quality. As for story......well its not much, but if you have no online then it'll do I suppose. The controls are not that easy to learn for some, but if you adjust t to it then you'll be fine, but like I said to some. The touch screen controls feels unnatural and clunky for my taste. The Online is probably where you will get the most of this game by far and the reason why its a 6 instead of 5 for me. If you think about it, the online isn't all that bad once you adjust to it, it still has classes, customization, maps from bops1, and 5 v 5 teamdeathmatch. It actually is pretty fun once you get the controls down and learn to play online. But it does lag and have slow load times as well. Overall this game is okay for a psvita and had more potential but failed to deliver the experience.